Sunday, September 8, 2019


This has been a lackluster summer-fall election campaign, devoid of nearly all passion, with one exception: incitement against religious Jews and religious parties.

In fact, the venom against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that characterized the April election campaign has been bested this month by vituperation against haredi (ultra-Orthodox) and religious Zionist politicians. It’s hunting season on Jewish tradition, the traditional Jewish family, Jewish scholarship, displays of religious belief, the rabbinate, rabbinical courts, Shabbat legislation, and even religious cultural events.

They are competing for the votes of, say, 5%-10% of ardent Israeli secularists who fear “religionization” or detest religion more than they care about the “occupation” of the Palestinians.

The religion-baiting campaigns of these politicians goes way beyond the limits of acceptable debate regarding the role of religion in politics or the appropriateness of legislation that impinges on religious freedom (or guarantees freedom from religion). Their fiery agitation goes way beyond expected (and accurate) criticism of the haredi-ized rabbinical bureaucracy.
The tone and phonetics of their imprecations are plainly self-hating and antisemitic. If such campaigning were to be used abroad, every Jewish defense agency would be screaming bloody murder.


  1. I will play the devil's advocate on this one.
    Rabbi rafi peretz and Smotrich called for a halachic State. Now how different is Halacha from sharia? It's very similar. Mohammed simply rewrote the Bible J new testament, and added his own chiddushim. Sharia is Muslim Halacha. They have their own oral law , called hadith. We agree on many things, ET witnesses, new moon, part of Kashrus, etc. So what will this halachic State look like? Meah shearim? They already have acid attacks in mean shearim. They stone people, even their own gedolim. If they throw stones at Rav shterbuch, and Rav elyashiv, how will they treat the secular?
    If you push for a halachic State, there will be a brutal civil war, worse than beis Hillel v b. Shammai. Think of Yannai, who was a tseduki.
    How can those opposed to Israeli state take over?
    The rz world collapsed after Gaza, but they had Rav kook ideology of ahavat yisrael. Hareidim rejected this, and the Netziv.
    Nobody has specified what a halachic State will look like. Why should it be any better than an Islamic state? That is the perception of the left and the center.

  2. Buy a mirror. The article itself has a picture that explains much of the vitriol directed at the Chareidi community. A young man who has never legitimately feared for his life, has no knowledge of history and has no intention of helping to defend the State that protects him stands proudly with a yellow Jude star on his jacket. That isn't outrageous and insulting?
    The problem with the Chareidi community is its self-righteousness. UTJ party leaders can claim that the Nazis are more moral than the Israeli government ( but are shocked - shocked! - when the secular side strikes back. "How dare you, secular pig with no brain and who relies on my Torah to survive, how dare you insult me!"
    In fact, with some introspection, it's quite clear that the secular community is extremely tolerant. If the Chareidim behaved in Poland and Ukraine like they do in Israel, what do you think would happen to them?

  3. Yes, did they ever protest against the goyim, the Russians for the call up? they were scared to. They were scared to raise their voice against the goyim, and had to rely on secular lawyers to save them. In Israel they can have their their theatre, their grtoesque protests and slogans, and talk of "shmad" and how their faith is in danger, yeharaig v'lo yaavor! Did they say this to the Russian pressgangs?

  4. This is why God keeps the Arabs on the Temple Mount. If we had a chance to build the Temple it would tear the nation apart.

  5. As Rav Shach, z"l, is reputed to have said, these menuvalim are the biggest Zionists because they know their fellow Jews won't punish them the way the nasty goyim did.

  6. OK, but how does that make them Zionists?


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