Monday, May 14, 2012

ORA: "Passive Pressure" of Rabbeinu Tam?! - Aharon's home


  1. Yes its passive pressure their was no physical force , threat of physical force or physical confinement of aharon the sick Rasha husband. Anything less then these three things cannot cause a get meusa, its not direct force on him. According to R'Tam its allowed for mais alei and for sure on an abusive sick husband like aharon.
    This is the agreed upon definition of a forced get according to all of the Rishonim. If you say otherwise bring me the source of the Rishon who says that Busha and Nidui cause a get Meusa .
    This point really dosnt need to be mentioned here as a bais din with Rav S Kamenetsky said he has to give a get.

  2. Again,

    This protest did NOT take place in front of Aharon's home. I fail to see how a protest in front of someone else's home can posul a GET. It makes no sense.

    I can not believe we are still talking about this. ORA doesnt even come close to what they do in Israel.

    RMT, with respect to your claim that they are causing him monetary harm, please read their actual statement which specifically says that they are NOT calling on Rep. Camp to fire him. They do not want him to lose his job. They want him to convince Aharon to give a GET.

    The only thing ORA has done is publicize that Aharon Friedman is keeping his wife an Agunah (thats the language of the BD) and ask everyone to convince him to do the right thing (also as per the BD).

    Refusing to give your wife a GET does not entitle you to extra privacy and protests in front of his parents home (which, BTW, I think is terrible policy) does not invalidate his GET.

  3. This protest didn't take place in front of Aharon's home? Really?

    1. I stand corrected. I thought I was posting on the last video. The rest of my comment stands. Gathering in front of Aharon's home and requesting that he give a GET is a fulfillment of the BD's order that everyone do whatever they can to encourage him to do so. The fact that they are all doing so publicly and at once changes nothing.

      They are not causing him physical harm or financial harm by gathering outside his home. They are not violating secular or religious law.


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