Friday, March 20, 2015

Schlesinger Twins: Rabbi Jeremy Lawrence's letter of support for Beth

Here is another major contribution to the growing flood of support letters for Beth and her children. These letters clearly reflect the pain of community leaders and rabbis to the obvious injustice being done to Beth and her children. The only real question is when the Jews of Austria will act to end this cruel injustice. 

You should note that there are no letters supporting Dr. Michael Schlesinger - for the obvious reason that his actions are not defensible.


  1. Rabbi Lawrence is what I would call a "real Rabbi". He has the backbone to stand up and make his voice heard in the face of an obvious injustice.

    Those Rabbis who are choosing to stay silent after hearing all the details of this story have a long way to go before they are even worthy of the title Mr, not even Rabbi. The spotlight is on them as much as it is on Schlesinger.

  2. .

    The Rabbonim in Vienna and their
    community are looking worse than ever and ever more foolish. As stated in the Stenecourt letter signed by
    Rabbi Simmons et al many have abandoned Beth and her children. Why have they done this???? So
    whilst they enjoy Shabbes after Shabbes including Shabbes Zachor where we
    recall what Amalek did to us and had a wonderful time at Purim celebrating the
    defeat of Haman did anybody in Vienna even spare a thought to the young mother
    and her children suffering in their midst.
    Really Vienna you don’t need outsiders or Amalek and his ilk to destroy
    Jewish children and their mothers – you do their dirty work for them! Shame on you all.

  3. It's excellent that the United Synagogue of Great Britain recognise the injustices in Vienna. Worse still is the behaviour of the Jewish Community. They have spread lies about a young lady to the detriment of her and her children.

    It appears that the father is not wealthy, so a theory is that he has information about certain Rabbonim there that would be harmful, if exposed.

    Rabbonim can't be accepted on face value as we have found out recently. We only have to read international papers on a daily basis to see the wrongs of Rabbis.

    More Rabbis need to speak out as Rabbi Jeremy Lawrence has done for the safety,
    development and future of these children.

    No stone should be left unturned.

  4. Kol Hakovod to Rabbi Lawrence

  5. Compliments to Rabbi Lawrence for his exceptionally perceptive, sympathetic statement regarding the appalling treatment of a young English mother and her children by a narcissistic Jewish father and the heartless Jewish community of Vienna, who support his cruelty to the hilt. If only there were members of Rabbi Lawrence's calibre in the Vienna IKG, the future of these maltreated, innocent boys would undoubtedly look very different from the shambles it is today. Deprived of their loving, caring mother, Beth Alexander, they are victims of deliberately-caused post-traumatic stress disorder and of the evil resulting from the foul potion mixed by their sadistic father, the Vienna Chabad rabbi, the uncaring IKG, a high court judge who is a Jewish convert and an Austrian Family Court judge. The Austrian media and Beth herself are gagged but G-d knows the truth and envelops these children and their mother in his everlasting love, even when humans who should know better are doing their utmost to try and destroy the mother's precious bond to her children.

  6. Kol Hakovod to Rabbi Lawrence

    It would be good to see something positvie from the Rabbis in Vienna. They must know how badly the children are doing and how traumatised they remain. It is both inhumane and criminal to let this situation carry on. We all know how much influence the Jews have in Austria. They must now use their influence for the good of the children and not for their local boy!
    These children need their mother and there is no reason for them not to have full access to her!

  7. I remember a time when a commentator by the name of Avi Noffers would regularly scoff on this forum about the lack of visible Rabbinic support for either side. Since then, the situation has somewhat changed:

    Oh Avi, if only you would return with your ridiculous defence of Schlesinger given your "inside knowledge" of the case. If you are reading this Avi, please let us know why no Rabbi in the world is prepared to publicly speak out in support of Schlesinger. If all these Rabbis have indeed put their support behind the wrong side, shouldn't those "with the true picture" be able to set them straight? Don't they have an obligation to do so if this really is the situation?

    As RDE correctly points out, the lack of any public voice on Mr Schlesinger's behalf, in the context of the immense public outcry in support of the mother, is the clearest indication in my view, of where the truth sits.

  8. Rabbi Lawrence does not isue a call for action. He does not call on the vienna rabbi(s) to act. He does not call on the viennese community to action. He does not call on british diplomats to act. He does not call on british government to act. Its more like a "michtav hamlatza" (poor english translation -- letter

  9. MiMedinat HaYam It is not up to the outsiders to tell Vienna what to do!

    The Jewish Community in Vienna, if they are decent human beings should know themselves. They have sided with the father thinking that they can despense with the mother by ostracising her and influencing the Court.

    They need to stop siding with the father and think of the poor children, who are just surviving and not living!!!

    If people want respect they have to earn it and Vienna has to start showing outsiders that they are caring and humane people. At the moment the picture they are painting is far from that.

    The situation cannont continue the way it is and the longer the heads of the Jewish Community they are taking, the longer these children are suffering, which will remain a stain on Austria for ever!!!

  10. According to your thinking, rabbi L should not have issued this statement, as the viennese community knows what to do. Yet they are doing nothing, at least publicly.

    Perhap, as per reports here, they are afraid. Thus, this letter is appropriate, especially if it contains a call for action.

    Has rabbi L called rabbi B in vienna? Or has anyone else in manchester, or elsewhere?

    By the way, there is another (older) jewish community in vienna, led by a rabbi schlesinger. Does he have any influence? Has he been asked to intervene?

  11. Please provide more details of the "Rabbi Schlesinger" that you speak of? Please can you share some links about either this Rabbi or his Shul.

  12. I am an Austrian gentile. Yad Vashem have honored many gentiles who risked their lives during the holocaust to save Jewish lives. I have read that a person who saves a Jewish life, it is as if he has saved a whole nation. There are many Rabbis and people in leadership positions in Austria. How can they be deaf and turn their back on this young Jewish mother and her children, and at the same time, recognize the bravery of those non-Jews who felt compassion to put their own lives in danger to save the Jews in their hour of need. All these rabbis surely cannot be so lacking in any humanity. If that is the case then I question whether they are fit to hold such positions. Maybe there are a small number who do feel compassionate but do not want to put their own positions in jeopardy, or feel powerless. Then they must ask themselves how can they live with themselves when ordinary non-Jews recognized injustice and stood up to it and risked their own lives and that of their families in doing so. And finally it begs the question, when the community are demanding more money for security for their schools and synagogues, what security did you give to a young innocent Jewish mother and her children. We are all entitled to live our lives knowing that we have the protection necessary to live our lives in peace and safety not just the Jews. But when I see the Jewish community behaving like this to their own, then I am left dumbfounded!

  13. Schmidt, you make a good point: in any group or community we expect the
    leaders, who in Vienna are the many rabbis, the president and the board
    of the Kultusgemeinde, to exhibit leadership qualities and act as role
    models to the members, who in this community number over 7000. One of
    the core commandments of Judaism happens to be "Love your neighbor as
    yourself" (Leviticus 19:18), implying a further obligation on the part
    of both leadership and congregation.

    You ask how these
    people can turn their back on a young Jewish mother and her children. Do
    churches do that to new members of their congregations? No - they
    welcome them, especially when they are foreigners, mothers or children!
    We have certainly heard a great deal about deaf ears in Jewish communities in recent months
    however, as the abuse of children by rabbis and their staff in various
    countries and the perverse resistance of the Jewish leaders to reporting
    alleged crimes to civil authorities in these places has become public.

    And, as you mention, Gentiles, some of whom were even Austrian, number
    among "The Righteous of the Nations" at Yad Vashem. I agree this makes
    it even more mysterious and shocking that in Vienna we should see Jews
    ostracizing a mother and her children - their own kind! But at the same
    time they are supporting with all their might another member of their
    congregation who is male and fails to meet the criteria for a human
    being. A disaster that will go down in the history of the Vienna Jewish
    community. Like various other catastrophes over the centenaries of its

  14. I always knew there was a non chabaf kehilla there. Only found his name on a bottle of wine he gives a hechsher to. I once met his son (friend of a friend; he learned in rabbi wein's yeshiva in monsey before rabbi w sold the yeshiva to someone else currently under discussion on this blog; rabbi S's wife is from monsey) for info, i guess consult rabbi google.

  15. Schmidt How can anyone defend the indefensible?

    When Austria have had enough of the Austrian Jews like the rest of the world has, where will they run?

    Can't Vienna see they are making themselves the laughing stock of the world! Eisenberg, Biderman Muzikant Deutsch. Are any of you leaders? Who can give any of your any respect when you just sit back and leave two little boys to suffer. This says it all!

    If only Sammy and Benji Schlesinger were thriving in the care of their father, who like you only wants power and don't really care about the welfare of others, including two little defenseless children.

    Shame on the Jewish Community of Vienna

  16. Why are you refusing to post the links here about your mythical rabbi Schlesinger? Why are you making this up?

  17. Made mistake. Name is rabbi eisenberg. It seems, like american rabbonim, once there was a get, he washed his hands of the case, not worrying about the kids.

    Have to do moreresearch.

  18. My understanding is that Rabbi Eisenberg has been asked to intervene but has been about as useful as a grave robber in a crematorium. This is typical of Austrian Jewry and this is what Rabbi Lawrence is trying to explain in his letter above.

    If Rabbi Eisenberg hasn't got the intelligence to realize the world is urging him to take this case seriously, perhaps it is time he was gently inserted into a retirement home away from the public.


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