Friday, May 13, 2016

Kedoshim; Do All Mitzvos Have Reasons? by Rabbi Shlomo Pollak

Rash"i in Kidoshim (19;19) teaches us, that although there are understandable reasons for most Mitzvos... Chukkim, HAVE NO REASONS.

The Ramban, modifies that, by explaining that we were not explicitily informed the reasons for Chukkim, but surely there is a reason, and it is part of Torah to work to uncover the reasons...

The Chinnuch (#159) in Parshas Shmini, seems to agree with the Ramban...

However, Rash"i in Sanhedrin (21b) seemingly in contradiction to his position in Chumash, agrees with those Reshonim, that even Chukkim have a reason??....

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