Friday, May 13, 2016

Obama administration says everyone has the right not to feel rejected!

“No student should ever have to go through the experience of feeling unwelcome at school or on a college campus,” King said. “We must ensure that our young people know that whoever they are or wherever they come from, they have the opportunity to get a great education in an environment free from discrimination, harassment and violence.”

Wow! - a federal govenerment guarantee that one one will ever reject me or make me feel unwelcome. If you don't make me feel welcome I will get Obama to cut all Federal funds to anything you are connected to! 

So my problem is I feel that this gender legislation makes me feel unwelcome - what office of the government can I contact to make me feel more comfortable?

Or perhaps what this means is that the Federal governement will provide psychotherapy for all those who feel unwelcome and all those who make others feel unwelcome.

Given the current amount of therapists - I think the government will need to initiate an emergency measure to produce an adequate number of therapists to handle the demand created by this policy.

Does anyone know how many transgender individuals are being protected by this program?

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