Friday, January 30, 2009

Rav Sternbuch - Next step


  1. Thank you for reprinting these Diverei Gadol. It is a source of great inspiration. Good Shabbos.

  2. I read this article very carefully over Shabbos in my print version of the HAMODIAH and it threw me for a loop. After Rav Shternbuch remnisces about his experiences as young yeshiva bochus in England during the last World War (when over in Europe the Holocaust was taking place that saw the vast majority of Europe's Jews annihilated), he goes on to talk of the unusual nature of the recent Gaza War with its open miracles for anyone to see that has clear eyes, and he talks in terms of the aftermath of the recent Gaza War and is essentialy predicting in clear terms that based on the teachings of the Zohar, the Bnai Yishmael y"sh are gathering steam and strengthening themselves for a final onslaught against Israel that will result in the NEXT World War and the arrival of the true Mashiach.

    Coming from someone like Rav Shternbuch, a misnaged and direct descendent of the Vilna Gaon (certainly he is no Lubavitcher in either yichus or hashkofa), to read that he is speaking in such terms and giving shiurim berabim that are being officially transcribed, published in Torah newspapesr like the HAMODIAH and even publicised online right here on this very blog, is totally astounding and mind-boggling.

    These series of articles coming from Rav Shternbuch are nothing less than extraordinary statement of a profound change taking place in Israel and the world, the likes of which has never been seen and for which most people are unprepared, but Rav Shternbuch seems determined to make his case and to get his word out on these very radical topics: The confrontation between the Jews and the Muslims; The coming of the true Moshiach, a final World War brought on by the Muslims/Bnai Yishmael, and the arrival of the Final Redemption, the Geulah Acharonah.

  3. Thank you for these uplifting insights from a Gadol in our troubled times.

  4. The articles says "The zohar writes that the final redemption will be preceded by a great gathering of the children of Yishmael, banding together with the supreme goal of destroying Klal Yisrael."

    I do not know enough to know if Rav Sternbuch is being quoted correctly.

    Please Rabbi Eidensohn (or anyone else) Where exactly does it say this in the Zohar?

    I find it baffling that Rabbi Haim Vital, one of the greatest scholars of the Zohar, would have preferred to seek refuge amongst Muslims and Arabs if this were accurate.


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