Tuesday, January 6, 2009

EJF - fishing for converts

Billings Farnsworth writes on Ezine articles:

Marriage and family are two beautiful and sacred things in the Jewish community. Through marriage comes children, and through children comes the preservation of their belief and way of life. Those who choose to get married do so with the hope that they will be able to have an eternal Jewish family.

However, many of these marriages are intermarriages where one spouse is of the faith while the other isn't. The two of them agree to work together and teach the same beliefs, but unless the non-Jewish spouse is converted using the standards of halacha, the conversion is often considered invalid.

The conversion doesn't have to stay invalid, however. There are organizations out there that teach the halachic method of conversion and help these couples bypass this hurdle. By converting to Judaism using the halachic method, the non-Jewish spouse will be considered a valid, orthodox member of the faith and community. When it comes time to teach the children religious beliefs both parents will be assets because they will know they have the belief system and passion necessary for the training of children.

There are many people who convert to Judaism using the non-halachic method. However, by following the guidelines of the Torah and halacha those people interested in converting show their absolute belief in Judaism, and their willingness to follow proper Jewish customs and religious rules.

These converts are sometimes considered ideological converts due to their desire to be identified with the Jewish community from a completely religious standpoint. If you are unsure of the proper halachic standard of conversion, consider finding an organization that will help you achieve the religious belief you are searching for.

Eternal Jewish Family, or EJF, is a website with information on Jewish family issues. Billings Farnsworth is a freelance writer. Article Source:


  1. Dt,

    I'm perplexed by your heading to this article! IT seems though that you are trying to fish a scoop but you caught the wrong fish!

    The article states mainly: How many conversions are halachikally invalid! and EJf (unlike those who do not wish to fight the REAL and good fight) disseminates the information so that many people who have been duped that their conversion is accepted by all; including situations where they fall prey to "orthodox rabbis" who do not convert under halachik standards; they take large fees (ivalidating them as kosher rabbis); so that this article is telling those who have been duped of their situation and at the same time it gives them hope that if they want to pursue the halachik torah way they can do so and be considered kosher converts!


  2. "…they take large fees (ivalidating them as kosher rabbis); "

    Hey Roni,

    Do you pay your in-house dayan Pinchus Rabinovitz or he is working for free ?

  3. Hey MT,

    There is for free, then there is "Schar batala"' then we have a bussiness enterprise (like the 10,000 or 18,000 that your Buddy Hbomzer takes in!).

  4. Hey MT,

    There is working for free, there is working for schar batala; then there is wmaking it a business enterprise (like the 10,000$ or 18,000$ that your buddy HBomzer takes in!).


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