Friday, January 9, 2009

Norwegian doctor in Gaza - Apologist for Hamas

Fox News:

A high-profile Norwegian doctor who has said the September 11 terrorists were justified in their attack is now treating patients in Gaza and is being accused of presenting "hard-core propaganda" to TV interviewers in his telling of the conflict between Hamas and Israel.

Dr. Mads Gilbert has become an unofficial advocate of the Palestinian cause, his critics say.

International media reports, including those from the BBC, CBS, CNN and FOX’s sister station Sky News, present Gilbert as an ordinary doctor.

But a look at his record shows that Gilbert, 61, is a political activist and member of the Norwegian Maoist "Red" party, and he has been involved in solidarity work for the Palestinians since the 1970s. He has criticized the international aid organization Doctors Without Borders for refusing to take sides in conflicts.

Gilbert volunteers at the Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza with the Norwegian Aid Committee (NORWAC), an aid organization funded by the Norwegian government, and he has been interviewed by the media on a variety of issues. Israeli government officials have said Hamas hides weapons in the hospital where Gilbert works.[...]

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  1. Mao-ist, shmao-ist.

    Norway was an ally of Nazi Germany Y"SH during the Holocaust under the Quisling Regime since the Norwegian leader who sided with the Nazis was Vidkun Quisling Y"SH V"Z who was hanged for his pro-Nazism after the war.

    The name and word "Quisling" became a new definition for collaborator and traitor and it seems this Norwegian so-called "doctor" is continuing in that tradition of working with those who want to see the annihilation of Israel and its Jews (why does he not complain about the 25,000 rockets lobbed at Israel in the past 5 years that started all this? He must be a pure Ameleki!

    Likewise with the notorious Mufti of Jerusalem Mohammad Amin al-Husayni Y"SH V"Z who spent his entire life scheming and organizing rebellions and revolts and attacks against the Jews in Palestine and beyond in which hundreds of innocent Jews were killed by Arab mobs, and who during the Holocaust sided with the Nazis and encourgaed Hitler Y"SH V"Z to go ahead with the Final Solution. He was tried after the war but got away with his life to build more alliances against Israel and the Jews.

    Both the Mufti and Quisling hated Jews and worked for their destruction, so it is no surprise to find a Norwegian heir of Quisling working hand-in-hand with the Hamas heirs of the Mufti, it's literally a shidduch made in Hell, by the Satan himself.


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