Sunday, October 6, 2019

A Second Whistleblower on the Ukraine-Trump Call Has Come Forward, Lawyer for First Whistleblower Confirms

A second whistleblower with first-hand knowledge of the accusations about President Donald Trump’s communications with Ukraine has come forward, an attorney for the original whistleblower confirmed on Sunday.
The second official, who is also a member of the U.S. intelligence community, has “first-hand knowledge” of some of the allegations outlined in the original whistleblower’s report, Mark Zaid, a lawyer for the two whistleblowers, wrote on Twitter. The first whistleblower’s complaint, which the House Intelligence Committee released on Sept. 26, alleged that President Trump pressured the Ukrainian President to investigate one of his leading Democratic rivals, Joe Biden, and Biden’s son, Hunter, and that the White House tried to keep records of a call between the two Presidents a secret.


  1. Who cares about whistleblowers anymore? We the public now have way more info than any whistleblower!

    A. We have the transcript.
    B. We have texts and testimony of major administration players who were dealing with the Ukrainians.
    C. We have info that the State Dept. was given by the President's attorney.

    The whistle's been blown. We're waaaay beyond that. The only thing the whistleblowers get now is that their cover is about to blown. Yes, there are whistleblowers, and there are coverblowers.

    I present to you Senator Lindsey Graham:

    How is that for a little balance? Sen. Graham can be accused of being partisan. Fine. So are the Dems.

  2. just the American voter and Trump

  3. American voters, by and large, can figure out a set up. The impeachment is unraveling because Cong. Schiff is now an established lier. This doesn't exonerate Donald Trump, but it muddies the waters.

    Americans like their heros squeaky clean. By President Nixon, who would have been impeached had he not resigned, and by President Clinton, who was impeached, the evidence was crystal clear in comparison. President Nixon was alleged to have engaged in a coverup. President Clinton was alleged to have lied under oath.

    But here the trranscript was released almost immediately. No coverup. And it's interesting that although this blog has repeatedly pointed out that Donald Trump lies, the President has not been accused of lying in regard to his call to the Ukrainian President.

    None of this is lost on many voters. The only one who lied in order to cover up his role in the development of the whistleblower report is...Cong. Schiff, who is leading the charge on impeachment.


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