Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Top US diplomat to Ukraine testifies there was a quid pro quo\

The top US diplomat in Ukraine just told lawmakers that President Donald Trump wanted hundreds of millions in military aid to the Eastern European country held up until it agreed to investigate Joe Biden’s family and another conspiracy theory related to Democrats.

In other words, there was a quid pro quo — one that could eventually lead to Trump’s impeachment in the House and even more trouble with the Senate.

William Taylor, the acting US ambassador to Ukraine, testified in front of three House committees on Tuesday as part of the Democratic-led impeachment inquiry. He’s the latest in a parade of current and former US officials who’ve testified in the past few weeks about whether or not Trump withheld around $400 million in military aid to Ukraine for his own political and personal gain.

According to Taylor, that’s exactly what the president did. This is by far the most damning account of Trump’s conduct yet in the impeachment inquiry.


  1. Ok. Pres. Trump is dishonest sometimes.

    He gets knocked a lot on this blog for that.

    Pres. Trump pressures a foreign government to investigate what was really going on with Vice President Biden's son raking in millions.

    That is, Pres. Trump is trying to arrive at the truth.

    And he gets knocked for that on this blog.

    "Ahh", you might say, "but the President's real goal was to diminish the stature of his political opponent."

    Yes. It was a mixed bag. It was an attempt to root out corruption. It was an attempt to score political points.

    All said and done, the impeachment process is a lynching of President Trump. A lynching is where a mob gangs up on somebody. This blog is part of that lynching. Go back over months of posts on Donald Trump, and not one is based on original reporting. The posts are virtually just all re-postings -- parroting, if you will -- of content from others.

    The end of the day, VP Biden's campaign has been overshadowed by the impeachment. VP Biden is stained, because whether he's innocent or whether he's guilty, the focus in much of the media has been on his Ukrainian dealings, and not on his policies that he hopes to implement if elected President of the U.S.

    Donald Trump will never be forced from office. He's got Sen. Graham squarely in his corner. I really thought it was all over with Donald Trump's Presidency with Joe Biden seemingly ready to step into the White House. Amazingly, the Biden campaign has bitten the dust, and Donald Trump is riding off into the horizon.

  2. Biden way ahead of the pack in new national poll

  3. Yes. But if Senators Warren and Sanders, who are close ideologically, join as a team, they can inch ahead of VP Biden.

  4. And do you think Biden is a virtuous man?
    We don't have to bring up the videos of him creepily caressing little girls in inappropriate ways. He has lied over and over again about any number of things and has demonstrated his own racism untold number of times.
    So will you also be a Never Bidener?

  5. So was Hillary
    And she was as virtuous as Biden


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