Monday, October 7, 2019

Gen. Jack Keane: Trump's Syria withdrawal is a 'betrayal' and would be a 'strategic blunder'

As President Trump prepares to draw down U.S. troops from northeastern Syria to extricate America from what he called "endless wars," Gen. Jack Keane said the move is a "betrayal" of the Kurdish people, and strongly advised against it, on "America's Newsroom" Monday.
"There's one word that describes this for me, betrayal," he said. "I think it's a strategic blunder that will have significant implications... We went into eastern Syria to defeat ISIS. The Syrian democratic forces, which the Kurds were a part of, had 60,000 ground troops. We provided 2,000 to help them. It took us two years. We fought every single day to defeat ISIS. The Syrian Kurds, who we're talking about here, lost over 11,000 in that fight.

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