Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Dad Raises Kids But Has to Pay Mom Anyway - Victory for Feminism

Arutz 7   A divorced father recently got a taste of the unique justice meted out by Israel's secular family courts when he was ordered to pay child support to his ex-wife despite the fact that the former couple's children reside almost exclusively with the father.

According to Attorney Inbar Lev, who represents the father, the couple divorced at the request of the wife, who moved in with her mother. Lev claims that the wife severed her contact with the children almost completely, and that the children chose to live with their father.

Despite this, the wife sued for joint physical custody over the children and for child support – a demand that Lev called “unreasonable,” because “it enables the mother to continue to live at the father's expense without justification.”

Judge Yehezkel Eliyahu explained in his decision that he was granting the mother's request for joint custody and specifying a parenting schedule “in order to strengthen the bond between the children and their mother,” and that as a result of this, the father must pay the mother child support.

Lev claimed that the father cannot force his children to be with their mother and that they are the ones who decided to see very little of her. Therefore, she said, the court-ordered parenting schedule “is no more than a desire of the heart and certainly is implemented in reality.”

She added that in the absurd situation that has resulted, the father is paying the mother child support, supposedly for the children, while at the same time paying in full for their livelihood. She demanded that the child support payments cease and that the father be reimbursed for funds already paid. In addition, she demanded that the state child allowance, which is currently paid completely to the mother, be transferred to the father.[...]

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