Thursday, August 13, 2015

Africa Marks Polio-free Year - the Importance of vaccinations

Africa has marked a full year since its last recorded case of polio, a key step in the future eradication of the disease.
The last recorded case of polio in the continent was in Somalia last year, following an outbreak in the Horn of Africa region two years ago that left more than 200 people paralyzed.
The Somali government is not yet declaring the disease completely eradicated from the country.
"The chance for re-emergence is there, but we will be vigilant," Dr. Abdiqani Omar, director general of Somalia's Health Ministry, said in an interview with VOA's Somali service.
Omar says health workers have not been able vaccinate or spread awareness campaigns to areas controlled by the al-Shabab militant group.
Experts warn that continued success in the battle against polio depends on the continuation of vaccination campaigns and the close monitoring of suspected cases. [...]

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