Thursday, August 13, 2015

New study: Transfats kill - saturated fats don't


Traditionally people have been advised to reduce animal fats, but the biggest-ever study has shown they do not increase the risk of stroke, heart disease or diabetes.
However, transfats, found in processed foods such as margarine, raise the risk of death by 34% in less than a decade. [...]
Transfats have no health benefits and pose a significant risk for heart disease, but the case for saturated fat is less clear.
Saturated fats come mainly from animal products such as butter, milk, meat, and egg yolks, and some products such as chocolate and palm oil.
Trans unsaturated fats - or transfats - are produced industrially from plant oils for use in margarine, snack foods and packaged goods. [...]
However, the new research, which looked at 50 studies involving more than one million people, found there was no evidence that saturated fat was bad for health.

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