Monday, July 30, 2018

TRUMP Tariffs are the greatest!



'Happy with tariffs': Steel industry emerges as trade war winner

to the steel industry.

President Donald Trump's metal tariffs have sent steel prices surging and sparked blockbuster profits for steel manufacturers.
Reliance Steel & Aluminum (RS) hauled in record sales, thanks to an 18% spike in prices. Nucor(NUE) recorded the best second quarter in its history. Its profit more than doubled.
"All in all, we're very happy with tariffs," Nucor CEO John Ferriola told analysts earlier this month.
Those words haven't been uttered by many other corporate bosses, who are grappling with sticker shock.
Tariffs levied by the United States and major trading partners are eating into the profits of Harley-Davidson (HOG)General Motors (GM)General Electric (GE)3M (MMM) and hundreds of other companies. CEOs are scrambling to raise prices and reshuffle their supply chains.
Unsurprisingly, steel companies are feasting on a price spike from Trump's 25% steel tariff. The benchmark price of US-made steel has zoomed 41% higher since the start of the year to $917 per short ton, according to S&P Global Platts.


  1. With war comes casualties. Trade wars are no less war than bullet and bomb wars. We are fighting for our economic life.

    The very first American war -- America as a distinct nation, started and fought mostly by Americans of White European and British racial stock -- was fought over the economy; in particular, over taxes.

    The farmers will be taking a temporary hit. In the long run the country will be stronger. The President is magaing. There will be suffering. That doesn't automatically make the war bad.

    How many hundreds of billions were poured into wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, etc.? I think the country can spend money on a trade war without getting all out sorts and cranky.

  2. Well, he won today's battle (over EU tariffs)

  3. Why not spend the money on raising wages and thus increasing money in circulation and this boosting the economy. Or reducing student debt. Or further subsidisation of medicare. Or guaranteed federal employment. Or on infrastructure. Or on free college or trade school education. Trump voters will really benefit directly from all these.

    In other words, why not put Americans first. What a weakling.

  4. I agree “TRUMP Tariffs are the greatest”
    I agree with everything Joseph Orlow writes. God bless Joseph Orlow, Donald Trump and Netanyahu and Israel and America.
    Back to “Kaminetsky-Greenblatt Heter is Garbage - Letters of Gedolim rejecting it. Kaminetsky-Greenblatt Heter: Summary: Does a gadol have to give permission to protest against Rav Shmuel Kaminetky's heter? Question: Regarding my posts about the terrible perversion of Torah and halacha that Rav Shmuel Kaminetsky has engineered with his prod…”
    Greenblatt-Kamenetsky, ORA, etc know well the PhD psychology letter is a fake, inappropriate and unnecessary etc. We have to stop proving that the PhD psychology letter is a fake, inappropriate and unnecessary etc. This is obvious to all. For my case with Susan I’m stopping proving that the 1995 Rigler Order of Separation is a fake, inappropriate and unnecessary etc. Why? Because this is obvious to all. My letter today:
    “1.I submit this letter on my behalf, acting pro se. I request leave to contact the Court, the clerk's office and chamber's staff for the purpose of the quashing of the fraudulent September 10, 2013 NYS civil divorce between me and Susan.
    2.I attach Exhibit A: US Federal Judge Sand March 6, 2009. Note that there is no mention of the fake 1995 Rigler Order of Separation.

    3.I attach Exhibit B: Amended Complaint Action for Divorce. Note that Myla Serlin claims, ridiculous: “(a) That the Supreme Court, Kings County, New York State rendered a decree or judgment of separation on March 7, 1999, under Index Number 2321391 …”

    4.The truth is as Judge Sand says, that I divorced Susan February 17, 1993.”

  5. Because raising wages, printing fiat currency, reducing student debt, instituting socialized medicine, communism, and free post-high education are all part of the liberal agenda that is the reason we voted Donald Trump in not to implement.

    Not sure why keeping the government out of the economy is not a show of strength. Who is mighty? The one who shows restraint.

  6. I saw the anti-Trump video. For a view that supports Trump (which is my view), see
    “The wonderful thing about reciprocal trade is that it is a positive-sum game in which all contestants are made better off. If the conflict forces China to accept more foreign investors and goods, comply with World Trade Organization rules, and respect foreign intellectual property, it may feel it has lost but will in fact be better off. With this openness, both economic and political, China could spur a decades long second wave of growth that would bring hundreds of millions still living in rural poverty into glittering new cities.”
    Also see
    “A study by the MIT economist David Autor and colleagues calculated that Chinese competition cost the U.S. some 2.4 million jobs between 1999 and 2011, battering factory towns that made labor-intensive goods…
    Mr. Lighthizer has a different view. The U.S. should go it alone and threaten China with heavy tariffs, he says, largely leaving the WTO out of the mix as an adjudicator of U.S. grievances. “The notion that our problems with China can be solved by bringing more cases at the WTO alone is naive at best and at worst distracts policy makers from facing the gravity of the challenge,” his agency said in a January 2018 report.”

  7. “Happy with tariffs: Steel industry emerges as trade war winner”
    Bravo to Trump. “Tariffs levied by the United States and major trading partners are eating into the profits of Harley-Davidson (HOG), General Motors (GM), General Electric (GE), 3M (MMM) and hundreds of other companies. CEOs are scrambling to raise prices and reshuffle their supply chains.”
    See, HOG, GM, GE etc build factories overseas and then try to sell to the USA from these factories---no good. It’s so important for a nation to have domestic factories to manufacture basic products to meet peak demand and not be dependent on foreign sources to meet peak demand. Typically in periods of peak demand foreign sources dry up. Product shortages and a halt in economic growth occur if a country lacks domestic production capacity to meet peak demand. See my PhD dissertation on the US cement industry etc.

  8. Trump has borowed money to finance the tax cuts for the top 1%. The money would be better spent supporting the working class.

  9. "Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party of the United States?"

  10. Trump is now planning on a change in the way capital gains taxes are calculated in order to help the top 1% save $100 billion a year. I can't get over the total stupidity of working-class people who think he is on their side.

  11. Yehosua, I'm not sure how to help you get over it. It seems, as a start, that money means a lot to you. And so do economic forecasts. And both together are something that becomes a stumbling block, something, as you say, you "can't get over."

    Perhaps you could start by working on not letting it bother you that in a capitalist society some people are going to have more money, some people are going to have less money.

    Just a suggestion.

    And please comment here or contact me off-blog if there is anything else I can do for you.

  12. I am doing just fine without your help, thank you.

  13. No actually it will surprise you to know that I am a member of a fascist party. The problem is that neo-fascist (and white) wannabees do not really know what fascism is. Fascism is by definition not ethnocentric but state centric. For example, the spanish fasicists when conquering mainland spain relied on arab Moroccan troops who were then part of the spanish commonwealth. The spanish fascists did not persecute minorities. In fact, disobedient "ethnic" spaniards suffered more at the hand of the fascists than anyone else.

    The main idea behind fascism is that the citizens of the state can achieve their intellectual and moral potential best only when they abide by military discipline and camaraderie. The army is a very socialist institution, when you think about it. Socialism is therefore very important in fascism to ensure social cohesion and obedience to the state. It is a meritocracy where the elite are expected to be the most intellectually and morally advanced. And here lies the Achilles heel of fascism. i.e. in an authoritarian state it is not the most moral and intellectual that rise to the top, but the most power hungry, who represent the opposite of these virtues. Like Hitler. who embraced ethno-centrism and destroyed die gloreiche deutsche Nation.

    So if any of your white wannabbee friends, most of whom Hitler would have considered Mischlinge, tries to go down the same path. Well this is the sad fate that awaits them:

    Now if this is what happened to the greatest white civilisation that has ever existed (and will ever exist), when it abandoned the ideals of true fascism and embraced ethnic chauvinism. What do you think will happen to your friends who lack the level intellectual and cultural civilisation that the Germans had? I really do not think you truly care for whites.

    Behold the great German nation before it was corrupted:


  15. Here is an educational video on fascism (der Faschismus - in der heiligen Sprache). Educate yourself on its reality, not the fantasy.


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