Monday, July 30, 2018

Religious IDF soldiers forced to listen to transgender lecture


The IDF forced soldiers attending commanders course to attend a pro-transgender lecture given by an LGBT activist despite complaints from observant troops that it violated their religious beliefs.
According to the Channel 2 report, the lecture was related to the LGBT protests regarding the Surrogacy Law. The class was run under the auspices of the base's Education Corps, which provides a schedule of mandatory educational events for troops throughout the course.
"As part of our training course, we were forced to enter into a class with a transgender person," one soldier messaged his rabbi. "During the lecture, there were clear messages about connecting to our femininity and how much the subject of sex is above everything. "
"I feel that it hurts me as a religious soldier and as a combat soldier who wants to be part of the team," the soldier added. "Suddenly, because I emphasized that I do not agree with this issue, it makes me ashamed of the opinion that I grew up because it was perceived as primitive and different from all of them."
According to the report, the entire Educational Corps at the base was dedicated to promoting the LGBT narrative and had close ties to the pro-gay Hoshen organization, which the IDF recently stopped collaborating with.


  1. Doesn't the Torah teach that an army camp should be spiritually elevated?

    Now shame on me for what I've done to this thread -- I've gone right off topic! Let's go back to protecting the liberal media from any attack on its sacred institution of reporting the news -- the same media that push push pushes the value of egalitarianism.

    Should we be surprised that a proponent of Giluy Arayos feels enboldened to lecture Shomer Mitzvos soldiers when we coddle the LGBTetc crowd all day long in much of the courts and media?!

    All I can say to those who subjected the religious combatant to this ear porn is, "Go kill yourselves!"

  2. The IDF is the most debased immoral army in the world whose overreaching goal is and has always been to indoctrinate innocents they drafted into their melting pot of deviancy.


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