Tuesday, July 10, 2018

A Predator Roamed Jewish Schools. Why Wasn’t He Stopped?ShareSearch


In the winter of 1970-71, when Michael Rabin was 12 years old, Stanley Rosenfeld invited him home for a sleepover. Rosenfeld, in his late thirties, was the beloved assistant principal of Westchester Day School in Mamaroneck, New York. He was known for having boys in the middle school over to spend the night; the invitation was considered an “honor,” Rabin said.

“Everyone thought of it as a treat, and no one was reluctant to go,” Rabin, now 60, recalls

Rosenfeld brought Rabin home after a school basketball game. It was shortly after Rabin says he had been in a skiing accident — he had a full leg cast. Rosenfeld set up a cot for Rabin in his bedroom, in the apartment he lived in alone across the street from Van Cortlandt Park, in the Riverdale section of the Bronx.

Rabin remembered that before they went to bed, Rosenfeld was lying on his bed with his penis hanging out of his pajamas. When Rabin used the bathroom, Rosenfeld tried to get inside.

The cast was uncomfortable, and kept Rabin from moving easily. He pretended to be asleep as Rosenfeld fondled his genitals throughout the night.

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  1. "Why wasn't he stopped?"

    Maybe he was considered by some to be a Gadol.

    I don't know this man, and I don't know anything about this case but what's in the article. But I can draw conclusions from my efforts battling Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky.

    It takes gumption to stand up and do something. I don't want to discourage anyone from doing it, but be prepared for two things that happen to me. Maybe the others here and elsewhere fighting the Kamenetskys do not have these experiences. But I do, and it's not pleasant.

    Firstly, having the uncomfortable sense that you're virtue signaling. This is a new term that means revealing one's own righteousness by condemning someone else's iniquity.

    Secondly, feeling sullied. I got off the phone after my shouting match with Rabbi Shmuel Kametsky with the impression I had waded through a swamp.

    Say someone did publicly denounce a child molester. The denouncer's name is now connected with child molestation. Who needs that? Easier to be a Chosid Shoteh and say "I can't touch that man to stop him from harming. I might jeopardize my purity."

    The thing I keep in mind is that if I don't go to war, war will come to me. If we collectively just keep covering up for those who twist the Torah, then, Rachmana L'tzlon, our enemies are going to rise up as we are all familiar with from thousands of years of history.


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