Tuesday, July 24, 2018

letter containin rav Herschel Schechter AND RAV NOTA GREENBLATTS opposition to annulments provided by the fake International bais din


  1. It seems that the Tamar Epstein "annulment" is not the first one that Rabbi Greenblatt has made in this fashion.

    When the Kamenetzkies began the annulment route, did they first begin shopping for rabbis and then find rabbi Greenblatt, or did they first approach Rabbi Greenblatt and he told them to find two others to join along? I always assumed that he was found along the way; now I'm beginning to think that he may indeed have been the first.

  2. Another letter of Rabbi Nota Greenblatt on this blog seems to indicate Heterim are possible based on the advent of psychiatry.

    And two phone calls made to Rabbi Greenblatt seem to track the dichotomy in his aprroach: in one call, he speaks of the ease of granting a Heter; in the other, of the difficulty, and he claims he only did it once.

    Two letters, two calls, one man.

    Color me confused.

  3. FedupwithcorruprabbisJuly 24, 2018 at 10:50 PM

    It seems the norm today that rabbis have begun annulling marriages at their whim. We saw this by the rabbanut on the Oded Guez case and today
    כתבה מעניינת באתר ynet:

  4. so let me ask a question -
    why is annulment "OK" in the cases that Rav Moshe cites?
    In other words, what is the mechanism for his psak to pinpoint certain cases, and and exclude other cases?

  5. Reb Moshe wrote a Tshuva on anulling a marriage through the use of Mekach Taus. I haven't read it. I was told it had these conditions:

    1. Husband has a pre-existing (before marriage) condition.

    2. Wife was unaware of condition when she got married.

    3. Wife leaves immediately upon learning of condition.

    4. There is no possibility of getting a Get otherwise.

    The fourth condition alone would mitigate it's use in the case at hand. Anyone who knows the case knows that Aharon Friedman from day one has been willing to give Tamar Epstein a Get. He signed a paper in Bais Din to follow the decision of the Bais Din. At this point, the Bais Din has not ordered Aharon to give a Get. Because Tamar, who also signed the paper, abandoned the Bais Din. Tamar always had, and has, it within her power to return to the DC area and to give Aharon equal custody, and thus to almost certainly bring about the Bais Din ordering Aharon to give a Get.

    Furthermore, it is not clear to me that Reb Moshe ever gave a Heter to remarry without a Get based on this Tshuva. Presumably he did, or would have. But it is also not clear if at some point he ever decided no longer to apply the Tshuva.

    Reb Moshe's Tshuvas are not meant to be definitive rulings. And even if this Tshuva is definitive, his students are not required to follow it, since it is something that Reb Moshe admits is innovative.

  6. “letter containing rav Herschel Schachter AND RAV NOTA GREENBLATTS opposition to annulments provided by the fake International bais din”
    Amazing. Beatiful. See
    “The high-schoolers cheered and clapped as Mr. Sessions spoke, at one point breaking into a chant of “lock her up,” reviving a rallying cry from the 2016 Trump campaign, when Trump supporters would call for Mrs. Clinton, the Democratic candidate, to be jailed for her use of a private email server while she was secretary of state.”
    Tamar’s use of a phony/fake PhD professional medical doctor letter ---- I say
    “The elders of that town shall then take the man and flog him, and they shall fine him a hundred [shekels of] silver and give it to the girl’s father; for the man has defamed a virgin in Israel. Moreover, she shall remain his wife; he shall never have the right to divorce her “
    Applies to Tamar! Hillary thought she could use a private server and all her friends (eg Susan, ORA, etc) will back/protect her. Sessions jokes lock her up. There is a similarity of Tamar to Hillary etc.

  7. the condition needs to be such that no woman could live with such a man in other words he is not marriage material

    suvh as homosexuality or mental illness which requires hospitalization - clearly not applicable to our case

  8. Afilu by the English

  9. This case was posted here on June 18, 2018
    Haifa, Israel - In Rare Ruling, Haifa Rabbinical Court Voids Marriage In Divorce Refusal Case -

  10. Rabbi Nota Greenblatt explicitly told me that it's possible that women would marry Aharon but that that does not impact the Heter for Tamar to remarry.

    As Rabbi Greenblatt put it, it's enough to nullify a marriage if, in general, women would not marry a man if they were made aware before the marriage that he had an incurable "mental illness".

  11. She seems to have the mental illness.

  12. The root of the illness is Liberalism.
    Which leads to Liberal Feminism.
    Which leads women to believe that they're ENTITLED to "Get on Demand".

  13. Then she's not eligible to receive a get.


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