Wednesday, July 25, 2018

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  1. Correct.

    It is my understanding that Judge Eisenpress' ten year term will be up in a few years. Now is the time to begin discussing fielding someone to challenge her if she seeks reelection, or election for higher office.

    Even more important, now is the time to challenge the Rabbis who supported her election and will likely support her future political activities.

    LGBTetc do not tend to have large families, or any family. There are exceptions. I met a lesbian couple several years ago and between the two women there were a lot of biological children.

    So, the way LGBTetc reproduce, in general,it's been pointed out, is by corrupting the youth of the nation. To assist in that task, the degenerates leverage the political/judicial systems. Judge Eisenpress, a woman, is reportedly married to a woman. She is just part of a nationwide sea change in the political landscape.

    For example, in Virginia, one of the states next door to me here in Maryland, a tranny was elected to the General Assembly. A tranny ran for the Senate in the primaries here in Maryland. A lesbian ran for Lieutenant Governor.

    A gay won the primary for At-Large County Council, and is thus a shoo-in to win in November because he's a Democrat. According to his campaign website, "Evan lives in Silver Spring with his husband, Jason, and their two rescue beagles."

    Evan is reportedly Jewish according to the Washington Jewish Week.

    The battle is on. There is a reason the Torah commands us as society to kill those engaged in forbidden Arayos. Because if we don't, they will come after us.

    As always, thank you to the Baal Ha'Blog for his judicious selection of posts for us to rally around.

  2. According to this, maybe homosexuality is not a reason to declare mekach taut. Its too common, maybe not a reason to annul a wedding.
    -- said somewhat facetiously


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