Sunday, July 29, 2018

price of trumps friendship - Report: US asked Israel to free terror suspect in deal for pastor held in Turkey


times of israel

US President Donald Trump asked Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to release Ebru Ozkan as part of a deal he had agreed with Turkey to gain the release of Andrew Brunson, reported the Washington Post.
Hebrew-language media reported on Friday that Israel officials confirmed Trump called Netanyahu asking him to release Ozkan.


  1. Oh, but Obama or Clinton wouldn't do the same?
    Was it not Obama who passed on funds to iran, who in turn fund Hamas, Hezbollah etc?
    And Clinton who pressured Netanyahu to deal with Arafat yemach shmo.and hand him land, weapons, and kill many Jews in the process.

  2. Yes. Trump wants to be like Obama and Clinton. What a weakling he is.

  3. This case is so murky.

    Maybe this woman was guilty of trying to aid Hamas. Maybe she wasn't. She gets released before trial. And who's to say she would have gotten justice at the trial?

    This is what happens when a government tries to be a democracy while in a constant state of war.

    It just doesn't work.

    I really hope the Jews in Eretz Yisrael can get their act together before the Arabs have their "Arab Spring" there.

  4. "As flies to wanton boys, are we to political leaders. They endanger us for poll ratings."
    -With apologies to William Shakespeare

  5. Posted by accident and couldn't delete the comment so substituted "please delete". Is not a refererence to any other comment. Please delete this explanation, also.


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