Monday, February 8, 2010

Christian support of Israel - being loved to extinction

Jewish Journal

Israel may have become a punching bag for much of the world, but 50 million Americans back the Jewish state 100 percent, no ifs, buts or maybes.

As portrayed in the striking documentary “Waiting for Armageddon,” these supporters are Christian Evangelicals who are neither rural hicks nor ranting fanatics.

What they hold in common is an unshakeable faith that every inch of Israel/Palestine belongs to the Jews. “They want the Muslims to be evicted by the Jews, the Jews to rebuild the Temple of Solomon and then Christ to return and trump everyone,” one analyst explains in the film.[...]


  1. There are lots of Orthodox Jews who support these Xtians.

    It's so sad.

    They want one thing, and one thing only. To convert us to their idol worship faith.

    Not a single real rabbi that I ever heard of has anything to do with these idol worshipers.

    Friends like these are enemies.

  2. Toyota wants to be the world's largest car company. They is a company culture that encourages that belief.

    Does that mean that they will be successful, despite their beliefs? Of course not.

    In an age where antisemitism wears a cloak of respectability, 50 million Americans support Israel and are willing to back her against her enemies no matter what. We ought to be grateful. In fact, our gratitude ought to extend the nation in general. We are more free and safer here than any other place on earth at any other time in history.

    Prior to the WWII, there were gedolim who advised entire communities not to move to America. We all know how that turned out.

    Our enemies beat up on America and Americans. We ought not do the same.

    A rav once told me that prior to America, every chapter of our history has been different. In the end however, each parsha ended in the same way. If we have enough haraos hatov, America will be different if we make it so.

  3. Who cares what their theological beliefs in messiah -- that they do nothing to facilitate but just believe in -- that prompts their support.

  4. Growing up:

    Oh, lovely. Yes, manifest destiny. America the guldena medina.

    As a much greater Rav, Rabbi Wolbe, said in a speech I heard, the Germans only destroyed their bodies. America destroyed their souls.

    The US destroyed more Jewish souls than any other country probably ever has. Their 'love' for us lured over 80% of us into being frei Jews.

    Love? That's not love. They want to make us like their sick, materialistic, Messianic Xtian selves.

    The Xtians are out to get you and your children. And your grandchildren. They'll tell you themselves, just Google what they say about converting Jews to Xtianity.

    And you love them. How sweet. How American!

  5. The liberals who make these films hate Israel with every fiber of their being, and they do not want support from ANYONE going to the zionist Jews. (Not to mention they also hate all religions, including their own, not just xtianity).

    "They want the Muslims to be evicted by the Jews, the Jews to rebuild the Temple of Solomon and then Christ to return and trump everyone,” one analyst explains in the film.[...]"

    This is said by someone who wants to turn xtians and xtian support into the boogeyman; it's a deceptive and simplistic statement that is designed to Scare Jews into refusing the help of probably the only *people* in the world interested in helping them in any way. That help means, money, political advocacy, etc etc. It does not mean erecting xmas trees or singing about Yoshke. So why reject practical measures of help? If we have the integrity to refuse to be bribed and refuse to bend on principles, there is no danger involved in accepting practical friendly relations with those whose "theological" beliefs we strongly disagree with.

    Unlike xtianity, Judaism is not solely a "theology" about theoretical belief and nothing else. Whereas, xtianity IS a theology, so they are content to "promote" their theology by hoping and praying for some magical fictitious event to come true. Since we know better, we know their magical event will never come true and we can ignore their incorrect and idolatrous "theology" that they practice in private in their minds and churches, while accepting practical friendship. If they want our enemies to be defeated, great because so do we.


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