Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dual justice system for secular and religious Jews


Religious Zionism presents: a show of arrogance. For about three years, they kept their dirty laundry at home, but now they have been so kind as to display it for everyone to see. The fact that in the State of Israel there is an alternative law enforcement system such as the Takana forum, which investigates and metes out punishment only to religious Zionists, is intolerable. The fact that this system is run by the heads of a movement that in vain regulates to itself what is morally, ethically and culturally permissible is another sign of its arrogance.

A high school teacher at a secular school who sexually assaults his students would be turned over to the police. A rabbi at a yeshiva suspected of the same thing would be turned over to Takana. Perish any connection between them, but the criminal underworld also has its own judicial system with the means to investigate and punish. In that respect, there is no difference between the underworld and Takana. [...]


  1. Just another secular Israeli attack on religious zionists. Secular israelis hate religious zionists more than they hate Arabs or neo-nazis. According to secular Israelis, a religious zionist is evil-incarnate, and they might even invoke the term "Amalek" if they didn't have such disgust for the Torah.

  2. How is this an attack on religious Zionists? Is there anything that was reported incorrect?

    The truth is that the charedi community has been treated with kid gloves for decades- and that was the great mistake. There is now an olam whop believes the rules don't apply to them.

    Lastly Student V, your tone displays classic projection. It is the charedim who hate 'ohn a shir'. It is the charedim who have come to believe that any Zionist is evil incarnate. It is the charedim who see Zionists as Nazis and make no bones about saying so. The only time the chaedim tolerate the Zionists is to take their money.

    Do you have any idea how many mouths a day the Zionists feed? Do you have any idea how much money is thrown at the charedim who curse and mock them? This may come as a surpize to you, but hakaros hatov and civilized behavior apply to charedim, too.

  3. I stand by the above comment. My only change would be that I should not have painted secular Israelis with such a broad stroke. I am only referring to the (very vocal) minority of fringe-leftwing secular Israelis who attack settlers as the "untermentschen" at every chance they get and who try to convince all other Israelis to think likewise. I do not believe that most of Israel regards religious zionists in this light.

    BTW I don't hate zionists, and I do not side with charedim on the issues you mentioned or the views you presented. So I don't see how it's relevant nor how it is "projection." I do not self-identify with the idiots that call zionists the devil incarnate and take money from them too. Nonetheless, haaretz villifies the settlers constantly. And settlers do not hate zionists because they are zionists themselves.

    "How is this an attack on religious Zionists? Is there anything that was reported incorrect?"

    That you don't find a comparison of Takanah Forum to the mafia "incorrect" or objectionable at all is surprising. The entire article is as a polemic against religious zionism. Look at the first sentence.

  4. Student V:

    With your 'minor' corrections, the character of your entire comment has changed.

    Secondly, I ask again- what exactly was factually inaccurate, notwithstanding a potential bias?

    Haaretz has a bias- so what? Everyone has biases.The question remains- is Haaretz off the mark here?


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