Monday, February 8, 2010

Nurse prosecuted for mandated reporting against doctor


It occurred to Anne Mitchell as she was writing the letter that she might lose her job, which is why she chose not to sign it. But it was beyond her conception that she would be indicted and threatened with 10 years in prison for doing what she knew a nurse must: inform state regulators that a doctor at her rural hospital was practicing bad medicine.

When she was fingerprinted and photographed at the jail here last June, it felt as if she had entered a parallel universe, albeit one situated in this barren scrap of West Texas oil patch.[...]


  1. Whatever her motivations, it appears she reported the doctor so as not to put others at risk.

    I'd be less impressed if she said she liked the guy as was doing so reluctantly.

    She took a stand.

  2. It's like the Beis Din in Monsey that is trying to do the right thing by verifying the LT recordings. Instead of getting a Yasher Koach they get calls from Rosh HaYeshiva HoRav . . . . who tells them to stop . . or else!

    PS. I don't know how to sign in with a name other than anonymous . . so please name me "Fallsburg guy"

  3. Dear Fallsburg Guy -- good analogy, but you have it backwards: it's more like going to the blogs and press because the Beis Din and big rabbonim are dragging their feet.

  4. Shqueeze posted:

    Anne Mitchell and her friend were acquitted of all charges after one hour of jury deliberation.

    They are now suing the municipality, the hospital that fired them, the prosecutor's office, and just about anyone involved in the conspiracy. Anne Mitchell's life and career have been ruined by this and she wants compensation.

    Justice seems to happen quickly in the secular world, at least when the world is watching.


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