Friday, February 5, 2010

Rav Sternbuch:Surviving the Darkness

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  1. I like this very much, but I have to add something which I hope is not misconstrued as heresy. I have great Kavod for HaRav Sternbuch - even tho i am completely modern / Zionist.

    The battle with Amalek is an extrernal battle. However, there is a deeper internal battle - a psychological/spiritual battle. Perhaps Amalek was born of this battle. Just like energy cannot be created or destroyed in the fundamentals of Science, only converted from one form or another, so the yetser hara.
    Within Machane Yisrael, there were other types of challenges. In the desert, in the "shtetl", there were other heresies - lack of faith, perversions etc. Similarly, surrounding oneself in Yeshivos is not a cure to the problems of life. many of the contributions esp the fight against abusers and menuvalim, have come form the outside, whether from secular studies eg social work, psychology, law, or from Orthodox who confront the the enemy without on a daily basis.
    Hence, the Yated type press are totally silent on troppergate - t was something "within" their world, a creation of their own. They do hwoever, feel at ease atatcking all of Shas, Sefardi gedolim - for having affiliaiton with WZO (big deal). what is more of a Hillul Hashem, WZO or EJF?


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