Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Voting for the Dems threatens to embolden the Antireligious Attacks on Religious Education וויכטיגע ידיעה על סכנת בחירת נציגים משחיתים די דעמוקראטיק פארטי אין די בחירות היום באמעריקא‎


Nov.5, 19


Voting for the Democratic candidates threatens to embolden the Anti-religious Attacks against Religious Education.


PRACTICALLY EVERY ROCKLAND COUNTY ELECTION SEES THE SAME PROPAGANDA URGING VOTING "STRAIGHT" (sic) down DEMOCRATIC LINE (euphemism: "Row A"). It is only the pretexts and rationalizations that vary.

In Rockland County:

Vote for (Judge) Thomas Walsh for DA, but NOT on the Democratic Line.

Do not even vote for ANY °INDIVIDUAL° Democratic candidate - unless you know for a fact that that specific candidate is necessary to vote for.

We recommend voting for Richard Freehold for State Supreme Court, and a protest vote for all other Judges (write in William Barr (current US Attorney General)).

We also recommend following the lead of prolife Catholics in writing in Dennis Lynch for Sheriff.

The concerns herein stand in addition to the known prohibitions against voting for anti-Torah candidates.

By blindly following misguided advice, and voting for Democratic Establishment props - in the midst of the greatest threat to menace the Jewish community - i.e. the assault of the anti-religious Democratic Party Establishment against Religious Education (currently in the form of proposed NYS Educational Equivalency Regulations) - we commit communal suicide, G-d forbid -- by emboldening our enemies to ensure the NYS Board of Regents votes for the aforementioned Educational Equivalency Regulations, as early as next month. By showing how we can be duped by a few activists into voting for the candidates preferred by antireligious Democrats, we remove fear from those who seek to attack our religious Education. And we provide fuel to those who seek to rally many of our non-Jewish neighbors against Orthodox Jews as blindly following corrupt leadership.

And to those who insist on following corrupt leadership: You have yourselves to blame for whipping up the already burning flames of Jew-hatred in Rockland County. And you provide the animus to embolden those who don't like Orthodox Jews to rally behind anti-Education crusaders like Mike Diederich.

Rabbi Noson Shmuel Leiter,

Executive Director,

Help Rescue Our Children



וויכטיגע ידיעה על סכנת בחירת נציגים משחיתים - די דעמוקראטיק פארטי - אין די בחירות היום באמעריקא

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