Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Trump's team sinks to a new low after Laura Cooper REVEALS aid timeline


  1. Instead of wasting our time, Ms. Cooper should do a survey of the last 100 years and present all the political abuses of power perpetrated by Presidents during that span of time.

    Then, and only then, should she contrast that with what Donald Trump has done.

    The problem here, Houston, is that in distincrion to ALL of those Presidents who were given a chance to govern, the Democrats have wanted to impeach Donald Trump from the moment he "stole" the election from their beloved candidate.

    So, now that the Democrats have a smoking gun, it's too late. Confer "The Boy Who Cried Wolf."

  2. since you obviously have a list of previous abuses please share it
    what excuse is that anyway?

    is this the Mulvaney view that this corruption happens all the time?
    or is this the claim that trump is too stupid to do extortion?

  3. It's the excuse that the norm has been established of what constitutes an impeachable offense. In the past, political opponents decided to let the voters decide in an electoral process, with some exceptions.

    By President Nixon, there was bi-partisan support. By President Clinton it was more cut-and-dry. Here the evidence is ambiguous, as any dispassionate observer will note.

    The Democrats know there will be no conviction in the Senate. A good prosecutor doesn't bring a case to court that they won't win. It just wastes time, resources, and the reputation of the prosecutor.

  4. bribery is established by constitution

  5. any attempt to refute the claims? or are you groans supposed to impress us?


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