Friday, September 12, 2014

Rivky Stein & Yoel Weiss: Evidence - video recordings


  1. If you listen carefully to the conversation in the video, you will hear them admit that the two alleged original dayanim that were supposedly there (as they later publicly claimed after that gathering) were really not there. He says that the original dayan will come if Yoel comes. But the supposed dayan wasn't there.

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  3. I'm not interested

    Wonderful. Now what? What makes you think others are interested as to what you find interesting? If this doesn't interest you, then just don't read this story - its that simple.

  4. I must offer the Daily News reporter Reuven Blau my apologies. I had assumed that he was purposely misleading in his August 10th article. From this video it becomes evident that he is simply a lousy reporter.
    Mr. Blau - after having already written an article on this case - seems to have walked in here without understanding or knowing Yoel's request, and without bothering to verify the false claims made by Yisroel Farkosh. He could have asked to see the supposed dayonim. He didn't.
    He could have asked for verification that this supposed beit din exists. He didn't.

  5. Video says exactly what the article said... two of three rabbis were there. What am I missing here?

  6. Rabbi Michael TzadokSeptember 13, 2014 at 10:42 PM

    They halakha that says that the same three dayanim that put the Cherem on Yoeli need to be the ones to take it off. Lacking that, the Cherem is in place, and if Rivky at all holds by those Rabbanim, she can't be in the same room as Yoeli, or receive anything, including a Get, from his hand.

  7. These
    phantom dayanim seem to be Quarks known as the G-d particle that can be at two
    different places at the same time, no need to ride on gmalim haporchim ba'avir.
    Such shlichus, even malochim cannot provide. The
    alleged Rabbi that went to Israel, while sitting there shiva, sat in as a dayan
    in mill basin as well. The only difficulty he had is how to compromise with the
    time difference. Does he hold the time mimakom sheyotso misham, or while in Rome
    do as the Romans? As far as Abeles goes, as you stated:

    probably isn't a dayan... he just happens to have the same name as the actual
    dayan. This proves nothing in particular." ...since only the names are Quarks.
    The only mystery that still remains is, where is the real Abeles dayan?

    eLamdan • a day ago

    says exactly what the article said... two of three rabbis were there. What am I
    missing here?" Sechel for one, and plenty of it.

    scientists are looking for a super Quark, one that can be at three different
    places at the same time. One entity can be a clown, buffoon and a fool at three
    different places at the same time. I think I just discovered one, and have the
    proof to show for it.

  8. I must have missed that...I thought he said two dayanim were there...and that one of them came from far away. Plus it seems clear that these rabbis really exist from the casual conversation about it going on. Once again the conspiracy theory of rabbi eidonsohn is looking loony.

  9. Where does the halacha day that? Also u admit then that these are real rabbis and two out of three were there?

  10. @elmandan - the only thing looking loony here is your consistent inablity to grasp the clear facts in front of you. It certainly looks like you are related to Rivky and therefore can't accept the reality that the ship is sinking and all her followers - except for you - are deserting.

  11. Rabbi Michael TzadokSeptember 14, 2014 at 10:45 AM

    The source of the Halakha is Moed Katan 16a, and it is brought down in Ashkenazi halakha in the Arukh HaShulchan 334:23.

    Now that this exact Beit Din has put him into Cherem, you need that exact Beit Din to take him out of Cherem. So if Rivky wants her Get she needs to either produce that Beit DIn(though one of the people have already said its a fraud) or admit that she lied and the Beit Din never existed.

    On occaision of the latter a posek will need to be consulted as it may require 10 people to take him out of the Cherem, the same as if a person was put in Cherem in a dream.

  12. Also u admit then that these are real rabbis and two out of three were there?

    Where did you see him say that?

  13. What exactly do you believe this video shows and why?

  14. Lol...that aruch hashulchan says the exact opposite... the gemara in moed katan also says the halacha is not like that!

  15. Rabbi Michael TzadokSeptember 14, 2014 at 7:00 PM

    So you can't read Hebrew? Is that what you are trying to prove here?
    נידוהו ג' אין שנים מהם יכולים להתירו אא''כ יתן להם השלישי רשות אבל אלו השלשתן מתירין לו כל אחד אפילו זה שלא בפני זה אע''פ שהיו ביחד בשעה שנידוהו
    Three place him in Niduy two of them cannot release him, unless they have been given(written) permission from the third, but these three release him, each one, even if this one is not infront of this one, even though they were together at the time they placed him in niduy.
    The three that put him in Niduy have to be the three that lift it. You can't just have another stand in last minute. Unless that third has given a written and sigend document saying that he will release the man(see the Shakh and Taz in the Sh"A) it doesn't work.
    Like I said, even if the other two were there, and it does not appear that they were given the signed affidavit of one of the supposed "Dayanim", and that the reporter in the video was prevented from going in and talking to them... without that bit from the third, Yoeli could not give her a halakhic Get.

    Produce the Dayyanim, or admit that she lied.

  16. You can have an entirely separate beis din to undo it! You can have them do it separately! Read the whole halacha. Unbelievable.

  17. From סעיף כ"ב it appears that elamdan is correct. Others can lift the nidui as well.

  18. Rabbi Michael TzadokSeptember 15, 2014 at 8:51 PM

    Seif 22 is dealing with a time limited Niduy. If they put him in Niduy for 30 days, then after those 30 days expire, any three can lift the Niduy. The simple fact that they put a time limit upon the Niduy is giving reshut to anyone after that to lift it.

    Seif 23 is dealing with non-time limited Niduy, which is what Yoeli has had put upon him(against Halakha by the way), but these supposed Dayyanim. There he makes it clear that a person who is put in Niduy by three, those three have to be the ones that lift it.

    He does go on to talk about a large group pronouncing Niduy on someone, where one of those may be replaced by someone of equal importance. However, this is not Yoel's case. Here we are dealing with a court of three that put him in Niduy, so those three have to be the ones to lift it.

    Yoel has already said, and given recorded evidence, that as soon as she can produce those three Dayyanim, so that they can life the Niduy, he will give her a Get. So let her produce those three Dayyanim, or admit that she lied. If she wants her Get so badly why has she not be able to produce those three Dayyanim?

  19. 2 out of three cannot do it... that is if there is no third one with them at all. But if there is a third one with them it is no different than an entirely new beis din which can lift the nidui as is stated explicitly in the gemara and halacha... one does not need the exact same beis din to lift the niduei

  20. Well, they definitely admitted that Rabbi Taub was in Israel.

  21. Rabbi Michael TzadokSeptember 16, 2014 at 12:16 AM

    I'm sorry but that is not what the halakha there says. See the Shulhan Arukh 334:25-26. The only way they can switch one out, is if he is greater in wisdom and yirat shmayim.

    First no one knows who this Rabbi Taub is. So we have no way of judging.

    Second, Rivky's own brother, who was meeting everyone didn't know if any Dayyanim were there, and admitted that the B"D they were using was K'neged Halakha.

    Third there is an affidavit from one of the "Dayyanim" saying that this is a fraud.

    Finally as this is a fly by night B"D that is operating admittedly k'neged halakha the Get won't be recognized in most places, so even if Yoel gives it he will still, in any G-d fearing community, will be an Agun.

    Finally why is Rivka Stein having such a hard time producing the Dayyanim? You are talking a B"D that tried a man in abstentia(k'neged halakha), put a man in an indefinite niduy(k'neged halakha), that one of the "Dayyanim" has given a sworn affidavit that it is a fraud.
    A woman who has gone multiple times to Archaot k'neged halakha, who the DA has since refused to accept any more of her complaints because she has been so often proven false. Who then filed a $480mil RICO suit, k'neged halakha.
    Yet despite all of that you think Yoel should jump to her every command.
    These supposed Dayyanim had no problem judging a man in abstentia, at least let them show their faces. Let her produce them and prove this isn't another of her lies.

  22. You see what you want to see.


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