Wednesday, September 17, 2014

David Horowitz: Chilling Exchange With Muslim Student


  1. Rabbi Michael TzadokSeptember 17, 2014 at 5:22 PM

    What new is that a girl in UC(any UC) would not only think, but go so far as to admit that she wants to erradicate all Jews in the world. If you see the uncut video, you can hear a collective gasp go through the audience.

  2. This is an old video. The situation today is much worse with open antisemitism and not masked by pure Israel hatred. There are many deluded Jews that are anti Israel and pro Muslim, Rachmona litzlan.

    The vast majority of Muslims favor the Isis approach. There has not been any Muslim protest about Isis or other terrorist activity.

    Rav Chaim Vital in derech aitz chaim says that after the 4 golyos will come the golus of Yishmael and it will be the worst. They won't ask for Jews to change their religion but will just want to destroy them Rachmona litzlan. The true yirai shomaim will be nitzal. Europe is rapidly turning into Eurabia and America is not the ally that it once was.

    May Hashem Yisborach matzil us from this golus and bring Moshiach quickly.

  3. Don't worry, the world is becoming inured to this view (which has been commonplace on university campuses for many years; the Left's positions mirrored the USSR's alliances such that the Left favored the Arabs in '67 and '73) and the collective gasps will go away.

    The context is that Horowitz and the jihadis (and their enablers like Levine) do not share the same frame of reference. Horowitz refers to "genocide," and "terrorism." Both are terms rooted in the sovereign state model of international relations referred to as the "Westphalian system" which codified laws of war concerning uniformed combatants, rights of civilians, and so on. Transnational movements, be they the League of Nations, the United Nations, the Socialist International, the EU – and the movement to spread sharia (by force, subversion or political activity) – to one degree or another reject or, as they would say, transcend the Westphalian model. The notion of Jewish sovereignty fit the classical model, but the international organizations which established the Mandate for Palestine and then Partition do not.

    The sharia based model rejects the fundamental legitimacy of non-sharia law, and hence the very notion of a secular state, and of secular international law, including the laws of war. It therefore rejects the terms "genocide" and "terrorism" as David Horowitz used them.

    The Muslim student in the video has no problem with obtaining a university education while seeking to destroy the society which makes it possible. She probably sees herself as entitled, or even religiously obligated, to do so.

    Also, this video was from 2010; why now?

  4. just came across it and thought it was still relevant


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