Monday, September 1, 2014

Schlesinger Twins: Petition against Austria and Germany denying custody to non-native parents

Beth Alexander's loss of custody in not an isolated phenomenon but is in fact typical for non-native parents in Austria and Germany. She has requested that everyone sign the following  Petition  to change this practise

Dear President of the European Parliament,
Dear President of the European Commission,
Dear Commissioners and Members of the European Parliament,

As you already know, in binational separations or divorces, when non German or non Austrian fathers and mothers are concerned, they are almost systematically pushed aside and then deprived of any contact with their children by a German or Austrian administration (Jugendamt and Family Court) which uses inequitable, shameful means, which they denounce regularly, often supported by national and European members of parliament.

For twenty years, thousands of French-German, Italian-German, Spanish-German children, etc. have been abandoned in the hands of Germany and Austria. Their rights, as expressed by the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, the Hague Convention, the European Convention on Human Rights and other international conventions, are ignored and scoffed. The parents of these children are scattered throughout Europe and beyond.

They are terrorized by threats and blackmail of these member countries of the European Union. Disarmed, ruined, destroyed by a Kafkaesque system, they are then considered "isolated cases" in their country of origin and by European institutions, and eventually stigmatized and criminalized.

Whether the children live in Germany (or Austria) at the time of the separation or they have been removed from their country of residence and held as hostages in Germany or in Austria, the German and Austrian parents benefit from the support of the authorities of their country. Sometimes they are often even forced by them to cut any contact between their children and their non German or non Austrian ex partner.[...]


  1. I wanted to sign up but there was a problem.

  2. Anyone reading this will think that Beth wrote it is so poignant to her. She didn't! This is what is happening in Austria and Germany.

    What confidence will anyone have if they marry an Austrian or German?. What will happen if their marriage is unhappy and they wish to divorce? Will the whole Jewish community turn on the foreigner as the Head Oskar Deutsch and his community have done to Beth?

    The big question is who will want to marry into such a self righteousness and cruel community when it appears so dangerous?

    It's time for the Jewish Community to show some compassion to Beth and her sons Sammy and Benji to repair some of their failing reputation, before its too late!

  3. To sign - press "petition" and then press "follow the link"

  4. I would question whether in fact the reason for denying certain parents custody or a decent amount of contact with their kids is really their non-local nationality. Cases involving local parents on each side are far less likely to hit the headlines than those in which one has the home advantage and one doesn't. Thus we get to hear much more about the many cross-border cases, which, per se generate more publicity.

    From my observations, children are awarded to, for instance, their fathers, if the mothers have accused the fathers of either domestic or sexual abuse. This is a common phenomenon in the western world (we have little information on the rest).

    I can recommend several excellent links on this topic:

    At the same time, though, I do not wish to create the impression that there are NOT many children who are the victims of "court licenced abuse" involving one parent in each case who is a non/ local in Germany and Austria. There undoubtedly are. Check out the above links and find out all about this horror scenario of which Beth Alexander's and her sons' case is typical.

  5. Foreign (even western) countries often go into US courts to fight for cuts ody for their citizens. The US (almost) never does the same. Not in the US, not overseas.

    I guess the UK is the same.

  6. I discovered the petition elsewhere and this is the correct link:

  7. James Clifford, thank you. Yiu are right, that is the correct link to the petition, available in several languages. PLEASE SHARE!!

  8. In case anyone has doubts as to the effectiveness of a petition like this, may I inform you that action has often, along with parallel international petitions, produced an astounding degree of success!

  9. This very worrying discussion makes me wonder how Benji and Sammy are doing at the moment. Is any authority at all in Vienna investigating them? Does any inspector of Vienna kindergartens pop in unexpectedly to the Chabad kindergarten to see how they're doing? Does, likewise, a social services inspector appear without an appointment at the apartment in 1090 Vienna (so I've been told) from time to time to check that the boys' home setting is happy, non-abusive, clean and suitable for promoting their development? Has any member of the Jewish community (IKG) been appointed unofficially to welcome and attempt to talk to these mini-members - Sammy & Benji - when they attend shul with their father?

    As we are hearing NOTHING about all this and we know that the father was permitted only supervised contact with the boys when Beth had custody, there might be reason to believe all is not above board. Who knows?

    Why are the AUSTRIAN authorities not investigating whether or not they are safe? Is this another example of how non-custodial parents from abroad are discriminated against in AUSTRIA?

  10. Worried you should be worried.

    What SAFE GUARDING measures have ever been put into place regarding these children.

    Ths father was evicted from the family home and only given supervised visits fot 18 months, before the Judge, without reason, suddenly reversed her custody decision giving the father full custody.

    Where are the police records?

    Where are the assessments of where tbey live and sleep?

    Have the hired help been CRB checked.

    This case needs investigating from beginning to end! Notbing

  11. It is certainly usual in English-speaking, and I'd presume also European countries for children such as the Schlesinger twins to be assessed at regular intervals to ensure their welfare.

    WHY ARE THEY NOT BEING ASSESSED IN VIENNA? A social services system in which a senior employee is threatened that she will lose her job if she speaks in favour of a mother in a custody case may be suspected of corruption.

    Why are the leaders of the Vienna Jewish community not doing anything at all to ensure that these very junior members - Sammy and Benji - get justice? Are they afraid of the negative publicity for the community if they do?

  12. Beth Alexander should never give up the struggle despite all the suffering that the Jewish community and the Austrian family court have caused her and her sons. And she won't. She has the courage Winston Churchill talked about:

    Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.

    ~Winston Churchill

  13. Why is there no National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children in Austria?

    Two small children have been robbed the chance of normal development within the Vienna Jewish Community!! Does the sick father not care? Or the Chabad rabbi who runs the fortress-like kindergarten? The rabbi who was the father's mentor? The children's paternal grandma? Their auntie? The head of the kindergarten? The judge who condemned them to lives of cruelty and sadism? The Vienna Jewish Community leaders who washed their hands of the whole sordid affair and went out into the world to be photographed with men praised for the heroism that they themselves fall short of? The Vienna Jugendamt (Social Services), that fails to assess the welfare of these suffering little boys?

    Is Jewish cruelty to children the order of the day in Vienna when Jewish children are legally ripped away from their mothers? Sammy and Benji Schlesinger can speak neither English nor German properly: their birthright has been denied them. Their maternal grandfather has been denied them too, as has the everyday presence of their mother and the chance to spend holidays -like other children - with their maternal grandparents and family. Benji and Sammy are suffering and need to be RESCUED!

  14. Ths scandal of the schlesinger case in Vienna can be compared with Rotherham, Jimmy Saville and needs a full scale investigation aaccountability and resignations!

    Lives of too many children are not being respected or protected. In Vienna it is Sammy and Benji Schlesinger.

    Oskar Deutsch the Head of the Jewish Community in Viemns should resign for ignoring these children's plight, as well as the Judge and others!


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