Thursday, July 4, 2013

Rabbi Berkowitz - advances in dealing with abuse in Chassidic community

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  1. In Chabad, chasidic is Lubavitch and Lubavitch is chasidic. His words were beautiful- I don't take kidush Hashem lightly- but he is not talking about the chasidic community. He is talking about Lubavitch, which is not only atypical of chasidim but often disconnected from that world.

    -ben dov

  2. As the commenter above noted, Chabad is not at all representative of the wider chassidic community. And there's no way Rabbi Berkowitz doesn't know this. Yet, not a single time in the 10 minutes he talks does he mention the words "Chabad", or "Lubavitch". Even when he says the words, "our community" he avoids saying, "...of Crown Heights". He is deliberately misrepresenting the reality of the chassidic community, which makes him just one more rabbi trying to pretend things aren't as bad as they really are.

    It's ironic that he was upset at NBC for supposedly misrepresenting him, yet he is clearly guilty of committing the very same sin he accuses them of.


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