Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mondrowitz beaten up in Jerusalem by vigilante

Algemeiner   Avrohom Mondrowitz, a notorious fake rabbi and child psychologist who fled US arrest warrants for child molestation in 1984, was attacked and beaten by an unknown vigilante assailant last week in Jerusalem, according to cellphone video footage of the incident released exclusively to The Algemeiner.

“Isaac,” a 22-year old American studying in Jerusalem who recorded the scene, asked that his full name not be used and that his voice be altered in the footage.

The cameraman said he did not know the identity of the assailant nor was he, personally, someone who typically resorted to violence, but the frustrating circumstances surrounding Mondrowitz’s continued freedom from hundreds of accusers made this an occasion where “vigilante justice could be justified.”

Isaac, originally from the New York area, said that he was neither a victim of child abuse nor an activist, but knew many people who had suffered abuse and felt “someone has to do something,” and that he had to “speak up.”


  1. From your June 3 post :

    "The Post last week spotted Mondrowitz, 64, cloaked in religious garb, in Nachlaot, a hip, Greenwich Village-type neighborhood in central Jerusalem near his apartment on Yizreel Street. He wears a façade of piety and respectability, even leading prayer services at a local synagogue. But documents show he has indulged his penchant for child porn and continued to seek contact with troubled kids."

    How is it possible he is a chazan in a shule?
    Why would people doven with him and not walk out?
    How is it possible he still lives in Nachlaot?
    Doesn't anyone care?
    If he only had one percent of the pressure put on victims families in the US, then he would have left already.

    Thanks and yosher koach to the guy taking the video, one solitary person who seems to care. Thank you.

  2. Mondrowitz has been living in Israel for around 20-25 years. How does he support himself and his family (assuming they still have anything to do with him)? Who paid his legal fees? After all, a group of his former victims and their attorney attempted to have him extradited back to the US...how did he fund a legal action to avoid this?

    He's ingratiated himself into the Ger community- now we hear that he leads the tzibbur in prayers; I'm afraid to even contemplate what he is personally davening for while he's at the front of the shul. It's a disgrace that he has been given any kavod, much less any ability to live freely among other Orthodox Jews- many of whom are the same ages as the hundreds he is accused of molesting. I will never understand the forgiving and accepting attitude that apparently welcomes a monster like Mondrowitz into a community and provides refuge for him like an Ir Mikla.

    It's too bad the guy who knocked him over didn't kick him a few times in the sensitive areas.

    1. A prominent Gerer chasid told me Mondrowitz is persona non grata is Ger. I would like to have Modrowitz in jail, but I do want to make the record clear.

      ben dov

  3. No Name this timeJuly 30, 2013 at 3:55 PM

    Very mild vigilante action but justified nonetheless.

  4. The guy in the video who hit Mondrowitz was just beated to within a few inches of his life by what appeared to be a few Gerer guys about an hour ago. It isn't known if his attack on Mondrowitz was related to his own beating.

  5. Excellent article



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