Monday, August 20, 2012

An online semicha program

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Shalom,  Perhaps you would be interested in covering this on your blog.  Thanks for your consideration.  Kol Tuv,


  1. This is ran by Chabad and fits into their sort of "smicha programs".

    However there is another program, perhaps more in depth and that covers a lot more that's been around for a while
    See here:

    1. Actually the Chabad program is a much more serious program with actual interaction with the Rabbi teaching. The program you mention requires no understanding of Hebrew whatsoever and advertises itself as a program fully in English. Nor is there any serious check of the level of religiosity of the students. One graduate I know personally soon after started wearing dresses after deciding he is a woman.

      The program you mentioned is simply printed english lectures that require no learning inside. For someone with a background it can be a good guide but it also allows someone without a background to get semicha without being able to learn which is quite dangerous. The program seems to be more intense and requires actual learning of text.

  2. It is true that the program is run by a "Chabad" Rav, but the program is open to all qualified orthodox applicants regardless of hashkafa. The Online Smicha program has very rigorous requirements and goes very deep into all the mefarshim. To qualify for smicha talmidim must complete 5 sections including 1) Basar B'Chalav (Meat & Milk), 2) Ta'aruvos (Mixtures), 3) Melicha (Salting), 4) Shabbos, and 5) Pas Akum, Bishul Akum, Chalav, Akum, etc. Each of the 5 sections require several written tests and an online oral test with a Rav Masmich. A final in-person test is also required. This program is unique from others in that it offers live shirium via interactive video conferencing, video playbacks of every shiur, amazing color coded charts, mp3s for audio listening at your convenience, and much more. No such program exists today. The original post was not the video above, but rather an article that highlighted the amazing technology used for the program. See here:


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