Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Livni to CNN: Netanyahu sold Israel to haredim

YNet  In the interview , Livni attacked the Likud party for "surrendering to the haredim" and granting them a monopoly on the Jewishness of the State of Israel.

"Politically speaking, Israel is being sold to the ultra-Orthodox," Livni told Amanpour, adding that "the ultra-Orthodox represent a small portion of the Israeli society. They represent part of our history and tradition, but unfortunately they now have more power than they should."

“Netanyahu said himself, that for him politically, the ultra-Orthodox are his natural partners. And I believe that the raison d’etre of the State of Israel is to be the homeland of the Jewish People," she said adding that "for me being a Jewish state means something from a national perspective, not a religious one.”

Addressing the issue of the haredi military draft, Livni said that "each and every Israeli citizen needs to contribute to the society in which we live in. Unfortunately, because of political reasons, the State gives them (haredim) the monopoly, and this must be changed."


  1. That's rich. Here's the woman who wanted to surrender Israel to the Arabs complaining that Netanyahu found a different group to give in to.

  2. Garnel, are you disputing her assertion or merely saying she is a hypocrite? I personally think that her complaints about Bibi and your's about Livni are both valid. In fact, much of the Israli national interest in all sectors has been sold off in the Knesset.

  3. Yerachmiel, I'm not disputing her assertion. Courting the Chareidim the way Bibi did by sinking the Plesner committee was a brilliant forward-thinking political move. I just thing she's a hypocrite for calling him on it considering the group she was trying to sell out to would actually want the destruction of the country.


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