Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Religious leaders decree tight clothing inappropriate for men

YNet  A new decree signed by top Israeli rabbis this week prohibits devout men from wearing tight pants.

"Every Jewish man is mandated by the holy Torah to dress modestly in loose-fitting clothing," read the edict, which was published in the ultra-Orthodox media. 

The public service messages were accompanied by pictures of Jewish men in times of old dressed in loose, gown-like attire.

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  1. This is simply a cheap shot at sfaradi charedim. Anyone with eyes in his head here in EY sees that charedi bachoorim dress in black suits that are more tailored than those of the ashkenazim. But they are not really that tight. And the black shoes tend to be more pointed. One of the signers is Ovadia Yosef's son; he is an Uncle Tom.


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