Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rockland lawmakers debate calling FBI in New Square arson case


Arson attack and burn victim Aron Rottenberg stood before the Rockland County Legislature on Tuesday to publicly speak in support of an individual’s right to pray where he or she chooses.

“I’m greatly honored to be here tonight and to bring you a message of peace and good will,” Rottenberg said. “I believe a person should be able to engage in prayer in the privacy of his or her home or in a synagogue, church or mosque of his or her choice.”

Rottenberg was severely burned May 22, when an incendiary device exploded as he wrestled with 18-year-old Shaul Spitzer outside Rottenberg’s New Square home. Bandages were still visible on his arms as he spoke Tuesday.

The 43-year-old plumber and father of four offered the invocation at the start of the Legislature’s meeting after being invited by Legislator Joseph Meyers, D-Airmont. [...]


  1. Unfortunately for Mr. Rotenberg, the same First Amendment which gives him the right to pray as he wishes also gives any congregation the right to exclude him as it wishes. If the Skverer feel that he is destroying their kehillah, they have the perfect right under the law to exclude him.
    (Violence, however, is utterly unjustified and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.)

  2. They may have the right to exclude him from their community, but they don't have a right to remove him: he bought his house where he wanted his house, and no community can take his right to live in his own house.

    I suppose this is the reason why they resorted to violence.


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