Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rabbinical court wants woman jailed for refusing to accept divorce

In a rare move, the Jerusalem Rabbinical Court ordered a 59-year-old woman jailed this week for refusing for 15 years to accept a ritual divorce from her husband and release him from their marriage. 

Disputes over refusals to grant a get, or Jewish religious separation, are common, but usually involve a husband holding back the bill of divorce, making this a rare case. 

The woman, who lives in the center of the country, is refusing to accept the divorce from her husband because of an ongoing property dispute between the two. 

“I won’t take the get under any circumstances, even if they take me to jail,” the woman told Haaretz Monday. “I’m made of steel, you can’t break me.”[...]

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  1. Why did it take them 15 years of her refusal for them to finally do this? By men they do it much sooner. And why only imprisonment for 30 days? By men they throw him in for 10 years or however long it takes for them to force him.

    And why is it "unheard of" for a woman to be jailed in such a case while it is far from unheard of for a man to?

    There is clearly a feministic double standard at play here.


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