Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hasidic Sleuth’s Beat: Mean Streets of Brooklyn


JOE LEVIN, a private investigator in Brooklyn, was waiting to meet a new client in the parking lot of a kosher supermarket in Borough Park one recent morning. Glancing in the side-view mirror of his chauffeured sport utility vehicle, Mr. Levin said he liked this particular spot because he knew the manager, the delivery man and the security guard, who lets him borrow footage from the lot's surveillance equipment.

Most of the time, though, Mr. Levin does his own snooping. On his iPad, he scrolled through photographs of people he was being paid about $100 an hour to follow, including a rebellious Hasidic girl in a white miniskirt and a long-bearded rabbi lighting a cigarette on the sidewalk.

"He's a bad guy," Mr. Levin said, enlarging the rabbi's image. "A very bad guy." [...]


  1. From the NYT article:

    ...Days earlier, the man had claimed to possess a videotape of a rabbi having sex with two underage girls.

    After the Tropper affair this does not surprise me.

  2. Observer,

    Perhaps you should be more observant. I suggest that you read the next paragraph in the article, where even our esteemed private eye expresses skepticism of the veracity of the alleged claims.

    I quote:
    Mr. Levin, who was dressed in a beige topcoat, Burberry sunglasses and a Nike baseball cap, expressed skepticism. “I’m not believing this baloney,” he said as his driver snapped photographs of the man through the windshield. “Look at how he’s pacing, and smoking cigarettes one after one. He’s not reliable, this guy.”

  3. Observer:

    The Times article you are quoting said the PI said that claim was a lie. But like all good antisemites, you'll believe anything against a Jew.

  4. http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/145592

  5. I did not read Observer's comment the same was as his critics.

    The fact that a non-Jewish man on the street attempts to make a dollar by claiming to have a video of a Rabbi doing an immoral act should make as realize the degree of chillul Hashem and the effect on our reputation as an Am Kadosh.

  6. Is the thing that bother you that it is a rabbi with two underage girls but a "rabbi" like Tropper with two adult women (one is his wife, one is a giyur candidate) does not ?

    Maybe you outraged by two underage girls but rabbis who molest underage boys (like Kolko,Mondrowitz) do not ?

  7. The sad thing is that someone was willing to pay Mr. Levin fee (PI fee can be up to $250/hr, not sure how much mr. Levin is charging), it means that the allegation is not unbelievable.

  8. Levin charges $100 an hour, according to the article.


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