Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Alleged kidnappers of Meir Briskman surrender to FBI

A New Jersey couple surrendered themselves to the FBI on Monday, and were subsequently charged with abducting an Israeli man last year.
The FBI says the couple abducted the man, beat him and threatened to bury him alive if he didn't grant his wife a religious divorce.
Federal authorities say the victim had refused to give his wife a ‘get,’ or a divorce sanctioned by the Rabbinical Court, preventing her from remarrying. The man also fought for custody of the children, and moved from Israel to New York.[...]


  1. Baruch Hashem. May justice be served. And may they serve a long sentence.

  2. "May justice be served", and let the truth come out. In a messy divorce battle, it's really hard to know what the truth really is. The problem is the "chilul Hashem" which comes along with this...

    Wax's lawyer, Michael Ansell, said: 'He has no history of any type of criminal behaviors or violent behaviors. He's the father of eight children.

    'We're confident that when all the facts are made public, he'll be cleared of these charges and his good and honorable name will be restored.'

  3. did she ever remarry?

    and / or is anyone interested in dating his ex, given her propensity to ...

  4. Like every thug's criminal defense lawyer will say...

    Levi Aron too has a criminal defense attorney.

  5. Website with Briskman info:


  6. Daas,

    Both families are hurting.

    As I wrote previously: "it's really hard to know what the truth really is".

    This was tacitly expressed on the Briskman site in a succinct manner:
    "In our world there are so so many cases of Gittin (Divorce cases) that it is almost always impossible to know who is in the right. Usually, both parties were in the right at some point in the story. Usually both parties were in the wrong at some point in the story. It is likely that 50% of the time the female is correct and 50% of the time the male is correct".

    You have obviously have taken a certain side in the Briskman story, a privilege you're perfectly entitled to.

    Your rabbinical advisor, Hagaon R. Moshe Sternbuch has clearly stated that a get imposed under the circumstances desired by the woman's side would be halachically worthless. This opinion was also expressed by other rabbis. This should be sufficient deterrent for anyone who may be thinking of remarrying this woman, as he may be getting himself into a situation of marrying a woman who is still halachically married to someone else.

    However, that being said, the issue in question here is not the Briskman DIVORCE case, rather the alleged Wax KIDNAPPING case. Despite the two cases being intertwined, we must be sophisticated enough to separate the two in our minds.

    Moreover,the outside reader who is not privy to the actual facts as they may or not have occurred must maintain objectivity. Until evidence is presented in a court a law, the reader is charged with keeping an open mind.

    I would also expect an honest writer to balance his reports of the alleged incidents with the other sides response. Alas, I believe that you have been remiss with this.

  7. The reason Rav Kaminetzky and the others on the Beis Din are supporting Briskman in this case is because his wife is refusing to allow him any visitation with their child. Therefore the Rabbonim are withholding the get from her until she complies with the beis din.

  8. I once heard from R. Aharon Solovechik that even though a Beis Din has the power to coerce a get and such is valid, including physical coercion (makin oso ad she yomar rotzeh ani), that requires a beis din, which means, among other things, that it operates openly and legally. In America and most other places today, while religious batei din are permitted by the secular authorities, that does not extend to physical violence. If a beis din orders someone beaten, that is criminal under the laws of the land. The only way to carry that out is by sneaking around -- which is the opposite of what a beis din is.

    Hence, if a get is obtained through physical coercion in America, it is not valid. Even though a "beis din" ordered the goon squad to do it.

    Not sure what other poskim hold, but though some might be interested.

    (I presume, though I did not hear, that R. Aharon would still approve legal methods of coercion -- e.g. cherem, refusing to give the recalcitrant husband kibbudim, boycotts, etc.)


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