Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Latest in the Anisakis Infested Fish Controversy


There has been a new development in the controversy surrounding the consumption of kosher fish this week.  A new letter has been issued by Rav Elyashiv concerning his opinion about the consumption of fish with anisakis worm in the flesh.   The letter states Rav Elyashiv’s  unequivocal position that consuming the fish is a violation of a biblical prohibition.

There is something else in the letter, however, which is completely new.  The letter states that there is an obligation upon each Rabbiand Roshei Yeshiva  to promulgate and disseminate this information to their respective congregants.  The letter also contains a post-script penned by Rav Feivel Cohen that he was present and verifies the accuracy and veracity of the letter.

The letter was obtained by Rav Feivel Cohen Shlita last week when he visited Rav Elyashiv after his operation.  Rav Feivel suggested to Rav Elyashiv of the necessity of including the paragraph concerning the obligation to disseminate the information contained in the letter in order to counter the fact that numerous individuals were discounting the seriousness of the situation.

The letter is sharply worded against those authorities that permit the consumption of Anisakis infested fish. [...]


  1. after watching the video linked to from the article, I have lost my apetite for fish, even if it would be mutar

  2. The letter printed in HaModia has an interesting background, namely that certain other Rabbonim declined to sign it.

    One example is Rav Malkiel Kotler, who told them that if he signs a letter saying that everyone has to follow Rav Elyashiv's psakim, then he would also have to tell all the bochurim in Lakewood that they are no longer allowed to use electric shavers, which is how Rav Elyashiv and many EY Gedolim hold.

  3. This week I went to a nice frum haredi black-hat couple for Shabbos and we enjoyed a tasty salmon teriyaki dish. One of the greatest foods available today! Many haredim simply ignore this "controversy" and rightly so.


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