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EJf - June 2009 conference in Jerusalem

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IT WAS BY ALL accounts an unprecedented gathering of leading kiruv rabbanim from around the world, as well as rabbanim in cities and towns throughout Israel. The event took place from June 15–17, 2009 at Jerusalem's Inbal Hotel. The sponsor was the Eternal Jewish Family International, which is in the midst of a major global expansion of its activities to support rabbanim and batei din involved with intermarried couples who genuinely strive for a halachic conversion to Judaism. It also assists kiruv organizations that are on the front lines in the fight against assimilation, such as the co-sponsors of the event: Arachim Ohr Somayach Hidabroot Lev L'achim Shuvu Nefesh Yehudi In the U.S., it also includes the Gateways organization.

The rabbanim deliberated on such topics as "Worldwide Assimilation: Today's Spiritual Holocaust", "Building Barriers Against Fictitious Conversions to Judaism," Anti-Semitism and Assimilation: Cause or Effect?", and "Determining the Status of Certain 'Jews' in the Community". The rabbanim, who represented numerous cities around the globe, expressed their deepest concern over the grave issue of world-wide assimilation. In addition, they addressed a growing problem in Israel where many young people return from study abroad with non-Jewish spouses. Kiruv experts spoke of the dangers facing Israeli youth in Israel. They resolved to step up the educational efforts to hopefully thwart this growing trend. The tone of the historic conference was set by Eternal Jewish Family's chairman, Menachem Yitzchak (Tom) Kaplan who noted that "in my wildest dreams I could not imagine such a rapid and broad acceptance by rabbanim all over the world of the vision we laid out with the help of the leading Torah authorities". Kaplan said that he was "committed to do whatever it takes to take on assimilation and problematic conversions to Judaism wherever the problem exists". Rabbi Leib Tropper, the organization's chairman of the Halachic Committee, spoke of the successes of Eternal Jewish Family in "raising the bar on conversions to Judaism and successfully uniting rabbanim and dayanim from disparate backgrounds in preserving kedushas yisroel". The theme of kedushas yisrael was also addressed by some of the notable gedolei yisrael and leading rabbanim who participated in the conference. [...]


  1. Recipients and PublicityAugust 20, 2009 at 12:11 PM

    This story was already posted and reported on this blog at EJF - recent Jerusalem conference (June 30, 2009) as reported in Yeshiva World News: 350 Rabbonim Resolve to Battle Intermarriage & Assimilation in Worldwide Effort (June 30, 2009)

    EJF gets more exposure on this blog than anywhere else, they should pay you a commision!

    BUT, you will note that the photo on EJF's blog about this latest Jerusalem event is from an earlier event because Rav Ovadia Yosef and Rav Amar pointedly did NOT attend the June 30 conference, as the photo on the YWN version of the story clearly indicate.

    So yet again, EJF and Tropper are being tricky as they project and manipulate and photo-shop images with the wrong stories of people and events that did not happen counting on most others' laxity and hoping to con the world into believing that there is "consensus" about rabbis who show up sitting at contrived photo-ops at various EJF dais's events when in truth and reality there is constant tension, controversy, disagreement and infighting between many of the rabbis as they grapple with getting a fix on EJF's true agenda and to what degree they should either play along, stay cooo or better yet stay away from EJF and Tropper's spiritually toxic proselytization schemes that he sells under the guise of "universal standards" and helping couples with gentiles married to secular Jews who have cut their ties with Jews and Judaism submitting to Tropper trying to shove doses of the new EJF cockamamie pseudo-religion of opening doors with pilpul devoid of truth and seeking the gentiles to convert, with tens of millions of liberal dollars from Uncle Tom Kaplan being splashed on EJF, Tropper and R Reuven Feinstein, the very things Tropper never tires of accusing his RCA enemies of doing.

  2. to the man of jupiter with the krum twists,

    1) no amount of twists will take away the unprecedented number of rabbonim from the widest spectrum that showed up at that conference,

    2) that they agree with one thing! to thwart FAKE CONVERSIONS some of them performed by your buddies the enablers of fake dayanim who covnert for $$$nan money1

    3) no amount of chutzpah at Rav REuven by you will make your case better! if anything adderabba!

    4) your doom prophecies for years notwithstanding: Rav Tropper and the organization are here to stay BARUCH HASHEMand so will the many covnersions performed by your fake partners be stopped beezras Hashem with the knowledge of the amount of Erev Rav that they hitched unto klal yisroel!

  3. First, it was speculated in earlier posts that Roni is not Leib Tropper, he might be his butler Dovid Jacobs, some weirdo from the yeshiva or paid person from LUBRICUM.

    But for those who know Tropper there is no doubt that this is Leib Tropper bechvodo ubatzmo. That the way he speaks, that the way he react to people who don't agree with him.

    For those who cannot believe that Tropper will spend so much time online. it was known since the beginning if Jewish blogging that Tropper is trying to read everything that is written on him.

    He posted under different names on hirhurim, tzemach atlas, UOJ and other. Now that he has his blackberry he can do it everywhere.

    Again Tropper, you did not answer any of the arguments by RAP like why did you use photo from earlier event?

    and if and how much r' Reuven Feinstein gets from the EJF?

    You just repeat your mantras 'fake dayanim' and 'e$nan zona', like you do not make money from the conversion business. Tell us who support your high life lifestyle

  4. It is guzma to say that the the conference represented the widest spectrum of rabbis. It was a gathering of ultra-Orthodox litvish rabbis with token Sefardi rabbi (who do not believe in conversion!!) , token Hassid rabbi and virtually not even one Dati Leumi rabbi.

    The conference eventually ended up as Rabbi Druckman hate-fest.

  5. MT (rb)

    you don't deserve a response! You belong to the group of Ochrey YIsroel like rosnberg where there you freel at home as your real self. Thank G-d for people like Rav Tropper that do not listen to bg like you with your filth that you impress upon in that kfira blog.

    Just for the readers: Roni is NOT haRav Tropper!


    It also contained a high number of chassdic rabbis from many chassidic courts! and many leading roshey yeshivot and posskim!

  7. Rap get Results!

    the offending photo was removed and was replaced by the EJF logo.

    However, there is still something wrong because it is the old logo with Lillian Jean Kaplan Foundation (which is now owned by someone else) instead of the brand new foundation Lillian Jean Foundation.

  8. However, there is still something wrong because it is the old logo with Lillian Jean Kaplan Foundation (which is now owned by someone else) instead of the brand new foundation Lillian Jean Foundation.
    I think there is only one foundation

  9. Recipients and PublicityAugust 21, 2009 at 2:14 AM

    The new logo that has now replaced the deliberately misplaced and deceptively misused photo with Rav Amar and Rav Yosef in it (they are both now distancing themselves from EJF's proselytization to gentiles agenda) is also a VERY tricky move.

    The logo does NOT mention the former foundation that is now exclusively controlled by Uncle Tom Kaplan's nephew (and his parents behind the scenes) handed to the nephew in a USA court ruling recently. This was a huge blow to the EJF people but now they are scrambling and trying to make up and cover up their public humiliation at the hands of the USA's legal system in any way they can, so they unfurl the old jaded logo that while it makes mention of the "Lillian Jean Kaplan" name it does NOT mention the "Foundation, a key point.

    Read the wording on the logo again carefully and you will see that this is what it states: "Eternal Jewish Family: The Lillian Jean Kaplan Pride Through Education Project" meaning that this is just a "Project" but NOT a legal 501 (c) 3 IRS, USA authorised corporate entity.

    EJF is clutching at straws and trying to save face any way they can. If they can post old photos of past events to boost their image, they will. If they can post the old EJF logo with the name "Lillian Jean Kaplan...PROJECT" in it they will, even after they lost the legal right to control and the legall usuge of the name "Lillian Jean Kaplan FOUNDATION", they will. And if they have to deceitfully and fraudulently photo-shop and forge an English-labguage letter misusing the letter head of a key rov and the names of nine ehrliche rabbonim from a still not published more limited original Hebrew letter, they will, as long as it help further the task of character assasination of those on their enemies list on the RCA. If they have to sponsor a conference that will give a podium to denounce Modern Orthodox rabbis and invalidate them as dayanim because they may wear a colored shirt or light jacket or some may not believe in literal 6000 year Creationism, they will, as long as it will undermine in their view the authority of Modern Orthodoxy's leading scholars based at YU like Rabbi Herschel Schechter who will have nothing to do with EJF after such public humiliations at EJF events. If Tropper and EJF can relegate to the dust-bin and ignore notable Charedi critics like Rav Shternbuch whom he has insulted and ridicule and trample the BADATS's written calls against EJF as trivial, they will, never offering a serious Halachic alternative, just poster Roni/Tropper's deranged pipulei shel hevel on this blog (Tropper doesnt' even offer Roni's stupid terutzim on his own new blog where he sepnds time speaking to himself.)

  10. On the first conference Tropper did similar trick, he took a guy who goes to Belze shul and said that he is representing the Belze rebbe, Found a Gerer askan and said that he is representing Ger.

    Found a chabbad rabbi in Modern Orthodox shul and said he is representing Chabad, found a rabbi who lived in Mea Shearim and said he is representing edda charedit etc...

    He actually got r’ tannenbaum of my Machberers to publish this nonsense in the Jewish Press.

  11. In this beautiful story

    One can see that Judaism is a Journey not a destination. I just hope Tropper would not get his tentacles on him. Maybe if he follows Tropper’s frumkeit he just will end up a criminal like in his previous life, just a frum criminal.

    It is much more uplifting than the disturbing story from Aliza about Leaving the Church, and Cynthia, Behind.

    She got a nice story in this week OU NewsLetter.

  12. Dt why do you again censor the posts against RAP (or is he is one of the shivah shemos shenikreu loy)?

  13. roni said...

    Dt why do you again censor the posts against RAP (or is he is one of the shivah shemos shenikreu loy)?
    I didn't censor anything - I did delete it because it was just repetitious and didnt say anything you haven't repeated at least 10 (maybe 100) times. Similarly I have deleted posts from Rap for the same reason as well as a number of other posters.

    Censorship is concealing or preventing people from knowing what your true views are. I was simply editing. There is nothing that I removed that isn't something that everyone already knows very well

    You have to understand how you are perceived. When you go ballistic most of the readers just skip the whole post. When you make an intelligent point - which is most of the time - it is a either a pleasure or a challenge or both. When you foam at the mouth - it simply makes a very bad impression and undermines your mission to explain and justify what R' Tropper is doing.

    Also you keep quoting a figure of $40,000. I was told by someone involved that it was considerablly less. So I also delete that since you have never offered any proof - and you have repeated it about 100 times.

    Elementary psychology tells us that people stop listening to a point repeated ad nauseum - so unless you desperately require it for your emotional needs please stop it or I will simply delete it. Any substantial point even if it means you saying vile things about my honesty or intelligence will be posted - if they serve to justify your arguments.

    One other thing - since there is no real editor on Blogger - it is simply easier to delete the whole post then to try and edit it. So unless your tirades have something really important I will probably just detete the whole thing rather than waste 10 minutes trying to salvage it.

  14. roni said...

    Dt why do you again censor the posts against RAP (or is he is one of the shivah shemos shenikreu loy)?
    DT:" I didn't censor anything - I did delete it because it was just repetitious and didnt say anything you haven't repeated at least 10 (maybe 100) times'.

    Roni: WHAT A JOKE! YOUR WHOLE BLOGIS REPETITIVE. Besides the new shtoosim tirade about the "heading" (similar to the bobeh mayses about cukeirkorn proseltyizing) RAP's pilpulim ARE ALL THE SAME REPETITIOUS BORING CHOLLENT, JUST WITH SOME NEW IVNECTIVE. You will find "hitched" "million" and cocnerts in all of your rap's posts! "proseltyzing" and hundreds of the same words in these posts.

    For example: "further the task of character assasination of those on their enemies list on the RCA" is a repetitive false slogan by "rap"!
    so is "because they may wear a colored shirt or light jacket or some may not believe in literal 6000 year Creationism"' If you accept this chollent repetetious, so if you are not partial so should allow the repetious response to "rap"s LIES!

    dt:" You have to understand how you are perceived. When you go ballistic most of the readers just skip the whole post".

    rONI: and so when rap's (as he did in the last and some earlier) shkotishe points.

    DT:" When you foam at the mouth - it simply makes a very bad impression":

    Roni: Dovid Hamelech disagrees with: IN Psalms 18 he says "im ikesh tispatol"! When a shegetz claims that ttropper is prosetyzing and hitching a milion goyim, when his buddy brings more erev rav than any other dayan (and tropper never brought one premeditated) then dovid Hamelech says HAKHEH ESS SHINOV! Are you smarter than dovid hamelech and the baal hahagada?

    DT:" Also you keep quoting a figure of $40,000. I was told by someone involved that it was considerablly less".

    Roni: your sources are seriously wrong and flawed! And how many times have you reepated naarrishe "prosetyizing" about Tropper when at best it is a miniscule portion of his activities?

    dt:" Elementary psychology tells us that people stop listening to a point repeated ad nauseum - ":
    Roni: So what do you think your blog is doing anyway?


  15. Recipients and PublicityAugust 24, 2009 at 2:34 AM

    So now, to oppose in any way what EJF wants to do: to admit millions of goyim into Klal Yisroel (something even Rav Eisenstein warns against) via its open and dangerous proselytizations and that it hides under the "frumspeak" for the gullible of "raising standards" and making them "universal" in a one size fits all Tropper-run EJF conversions monopoly makes one into a "ROSHO AND MECHUTZAF"?

    That is a good joke for the day!

    Two wrongs --i.e. other rabbis weak conversions -- do not make a -- EJF's policy -- "right" which Roni refuses to grasp.

    By the way, EJF was OPENLY condemned in WRITING by the BADATS and Rav Shternbuch for this, are they too "reshoim and mechutzofim, just because Tropper/Roni don't like them???

    Sorry Roni, running for cover and ducking under the usual yeshivishe curse words is very babyish and even a sign that you are losing the debate here and so you are then moving on to bullying and threats of physical violence ("hakhe es shinav"), which if you or any goons connected with Tropper would do will be reported to the police immediately and charges will be pressed against you/Tropper and EJF, be warned, you will be reported for violence carried out against anyone. You do not know who you are dealing with. Do not play with fire because you will be burned!

    You are really cursing by calling people on this blog "reshoim and mechutzofim, something that in spite of all the same stuff that you do, no one calls you that.

    The level of your red herring distraction techniues is now reaching fever pitch befitting a maniac and hysteric and not a sane and rational debater.

    Are threats of violence and cursing with vile words the best you can do? Grow up.

  16. RAP the man of jupiter,

    Take a pill and protect yourself from yourself! you are extremely dangeorous! and still a rosho,

    1) Rav Feinstein and hundred rabonim argue with Rav Sternbuch,

    2) You enable fake gerut with bomzer,

    3) tropper makes good gerut and stops bad ones.

  17. Recipients and PublicityAugust 24, 2009 at 9:09 PM


    1) The cat is already out of the bag that R Reuven Feinstein and even Tom Kaplan do NOT approve of what Tropper wants and does, but it's covered up to make it appear that there is "peace" when there is turmoil behind the scenes that could explode into the open at any time soon.

    2) Only you/Tropper have an obsession with Bomzer and you use it all the time as a red herring argument to distrcat from the main topic of conversation which is EJF's agenda that it preaches openly on the Internet to reach out to millions of goyim hitched to secular Jews who have finally said "bye-bye" to Judaism once and for all but that EJF thinks they are "smarter" and is chasing them like on a wild goose chase trying to make them into nive little EJF geirimlach that Tropper can paternistically pat on the head to please his own ego even if it means coming up with krumme pilpulim in the name of Rav Moshe Feinstein that are keneged ha'emes peshuto kemashma'o, shelo hayu velo nivre'u, veshelo ya'amod al hasechel bichlal, shekol kulam hevel vesheker to "justify" EJF by being megaleh ponim baTorah shelo kehalacha in attempts to bring limitless numbers of goyim hitched to secular apostates to Klal Yisroel.

    3) I though Tropper does not do the gerut and that all matters are handled by EJF "approved" batei din (do they need EJF's "approval" as if they were local pizza stores under a va'ad hakahsrus, demeaningly?) Get this: Tropper does not "stop" anything, but he does set the stage for all RCA and Modern Orthodox rabbis to be turned into nothing; he does attack all Haredi rabbis in the USA's MidWest by telling them that not one of them can ever be called a "posek"; he does totally ignore the entire BDATS and makes a mockery of Rav Moshe Shternbuch; he has no shame in first milking and bilking Uncle Tom's nephew for tens of millions of dollars and then when the nephew says "enough" he turns on him like a pathalogical ingrate without any hakoras hatov and never stops insulting the nephew in this blog (a telling lesson for any ba'al teshuva who would put their trust in Tropper and expect some mentsclichkeit in return); and he does not tell the many rabbonim that he pays with EJF money from uncle Tom and previously from the nephew that the co-founder and co-chair of EJF is with a non-Jewish woman who refuses to get an EJF-style conversion while the rabbis preach about "higher" and "universal" standards for the world; not to mention the other long list of "enemies" that Tropper nurtures and has in his sights like Aish HaTorah, Chabad, YU, and anything that is not reflective of the image that Tropper thinks he sees in the mirror when he gets up.

    As for who is a rosho or not, we'll leave that for Hashem to decide because when you start talking like that you sound like a fundamentalist from Islam who can't handle an open, rational, factual and logical discussion, but wishes to only hear "frumspeak" platitudes and sweet-sounding nothings like you get in the nauseating stream of EJF infomercials!


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