Sunday, May 26, 2019

The History of the Mir Community Before the Holocaust Religious Life The Mir Yeshiva

The yeshiva is described by L. Mendelstam:
"The yeshiva was situated in a large building with just one floor, in a large hall that sprawled across its entire width and length. Next to the walls were 14 large, long tables… and each table had a name: the "Rabbi's Table," and next to it the "Yeshiva Table" and so on. The Rabbi's Table was the most exalted, and it was a great honor for a student to be placed there. Other tables were on a lower level of importance, like the "Table Behind the Heater," where the loafers were placed, and the "Educated Table" where the apikorsim(heretics) were seated."L. Mendelstam, "Memories of the Mir Yeshiva Students," Mir, p. 119


  1. "The Blog that Started It All"

    A history of the Daas Torah blog
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    The research is based on archives of tens of thousands of posts.

    The best comments were given special status, with the highest praise being a comment elevated and incorporated into a post.

    Lesser valued comments would sometimes be blasted by the Baal Ha'Blog, with the commenter having to endure searing -- and usually deserved -- criticism.

    The author draws copiously from the diaries of Joe Orlow, among others, who experienced both the highs and lows, and lived to tell about it.

  2. So they admit they had apikorsim heretics in the yeshiva.


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