Friday, May 24, 2019

Donald Trump falls for Nancy Pelosi's trap

President Donald Trump keeps taking Nancy Pelosi's bait.
The President's wild, improvised response Thursday suggests that so far, the speaker is winning the hugely consequential clash between Washington's top two political forces.
    It's not often that Trump, the man who dismembered the most talented Republican primary field in years in 2016, seems to be struggling for traction in a face-to-face political fight.
    But Pelosi is turning Trump's own arsenal against him, using the politics of mockery and provocation to leave him for once, off balance and forced to respond to a more nimble rival.
    And Trump's increasingly livid reactions are helping Pelosi out of a delicate political spot.
    This week opened with the Beltway narrative that she was under growing pressure from a Democratic caucus impatient with her reluctance to open an impeachment inquiry against Trump.

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