Thursday, May 2, 2019

Dossier Not What ‘Started All of This’


In an interview about the special counsel’s report, Rep. John Ratcliffe said that what “started all of this” was “a fake, phony dossier.” But a House Republican intelligence committee memo said it was information about a Trump campaign foreign policy adviser that sparked the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation into Russian interference in the election.
Ratcliffe, a Texas Republican who is a member of the House intelligence committee, said in the interview on Fox Business Network that “I had seen every classified document that any member of Congress was allowed to see. So I wasn’t surprised at all at the findings” of the special counsel investigation, as revealed in a four-page memo on March 24 by Attorney General William P. Barr. He then turned to the dossier.   

What Started the Trump-Russia Investigation? Not the Steele Dossier as Trump Claims

Republican memo released in February affirmed a story from the New York Times which traces the beginning of the investigation into the Trump campaign's ties to Russia to campaign aide George Papadopoulos


  1. “Dossier Not What ‘Started All of This’”
    Everyone agrees the dossier was fake/phony. The FBI sting got Mendel Epstein et al in jail. Judge Freida Wolfson jailed Mendel Epstein, Susan’s long-term partner for women’s rights to demand a divorce, for conspiracy to kidnap a fake recalcitrant husband. Judge Frieda listened to the recordings of the FBI agents that fooled Mendel Epstein et al into thinking there was a recalcitrant husband that needed to be kidnapped and beaten for him to agree to divorce his wife in a bet din. The angry fake wife already got a fake/civil divorce over the husband’s objections. Mendel Epstein got millions over the years this way. Didn’t Tamar’s lawyer pay $60,000 to Mendel Epstein’s shul in Brooklyn? This was in the court papers. Was there another way to stop Mendel Epstein et al other than the fake FBI sting? The Trump haters treat Trump like many treat Mendel Epstein et al.
    The hate Trump crowd see no other way to stop Trump other than with the Mueller Report and now with attacks on William Barr. Trump won the election in 2016 and likely will win the next in 2020. William Barr is a God sent angel, in the spirit of Tsvi Fishman’s books/writings. See
    “For the leader; al tashheth. Of David. A michtam; when Saul sent men to watch his house in order to put him to death [cf. 1 Sam. 19.11]. Save me from my enemies, O my God; secure me against my assailants. Save me from evildoers; deliver me from murderers. For see, they lie in wait for me; fierce men plot against me for no offense of mine, for no transgression, O Lord; for no guilt of mine do they rush to array themselves against me. Look, rouse Yourself on my behalf! You, O Lord God of hosts, God of Israel, bestir Yourself to bring all nations to account; have no mercy on any treacherous villain. Selah. They come each evening growling like dogs, roaming the city. They rave with their mouths, sharp words [lit. swords] are on their lips; [they think,] Who hears? But You, O Lord, laugh at them; You mock all the nations. O my [with several mss.; cf. v. 18; lit. His.] strength, I wait for You; for God is my haven. My faithful God will come to aid me; God will let me gloat over my watchful foes. Do not kill them lest my people be unmindful; with Your power make wanderers of them; bring them low, O our shield, the Lord, because of their sinful mouths.” (Psalms 59:1-18).

  2. who is everyone you mean every trump supporter

  3. Rep. John Ratcliffe said that what “started all of this” was “a fake, phony dossier.”
    Yes, every Trump supporter will agree. The Trump haters are fearful now. See
    “He said his review would be far-reaching—that he was obtaining details from congressional investigations, from the ongoing probe by the department’s inspector general, Michael Horowitz, and even from Mr. Mueller’s work. Mr. Barr said the investigation wouldn’t focus only on the fall 2016 justifications for secret surveillance warrants against Trump team members but would go back months earlier...
    He also said he’d focus on the infamous “dossier” concocted by opposition-research firm Fusion GPS and British former spy Christopher Steele, on which the FBI relied so heavily in its probe. Mr. Barr acknowledged his concern that the dossier itself could be Russian disinformation, a possibility he described as not “entirely speculative.” He also revealed that the department has “multiple criminal leak investigations under way” into the disclosure of classified details about the Trump-Russia investigation. That’s why Mr. Barr isn’t alone in getting slimed. Natasha Bertrand at Politico last month penned a hit piece on the respected Mr. Horowitz. It’s clear the inspector general is asking the right questions. The Politico article acknowledges he’s homing in on Mr. Steele’s “credibility” and the dossier’s “veracity”—then goes on to provide a defense of Mr. Steele and his dossier, while quoting unnamed sources who deride the “quality” of the Horowitz probe, and (hilariously) claim the long-tenured inspector general is not “well-versed” in core Justice Department functions.”
    Allow to quote: “All day long they cause me grief in my affairs, they plan only evil against me. They plot, they lie in ambush; they watch my every move, hoping for my death.” (Psalms 56:6-7). “For see, they lie in wait for me; fierce men עזים plot against me for no offense פשעי of mine, for no transgression חטאתי, O Lord” (Psalms 59:4).
    “Unhappy, storm-tossed one, uncomforted! I will lay carbuncles as your building stones And make your foundations of sapphires. I will make your battlements of rubies, Your gates of precious stones, The whole encircling wall of gems. And all your children shall be disciples of the Lord, And great shall be the happiness of your children; You shall be established through righteousness. You shall be safe from oppression, And shall have no fear; From ruin, and it shall not come near you. Surely no harm can be done Without My consent: Whoever would harm you Shall fall because of you.” (Isaiah 54:11-15).
    Interesting the fake/phony dossier reminds me of the fake/phony PhD psychology letter in the garbage K-G heter and reminds me of the fake/phony 1995 Rigler order of separation in the garbage 2013 NYS civil divorce Susan v Gerald.

  4. Daf hayomi Bechoroth 13a
    “The Master said: But if a heathen gave money to an Israelite for his animal, [we judge the transaction according to their laws, and even though he did not pull [the animal], he acquires possession and is exempt from the law of the firstling. What does according to their laws mean? If the expression according to their laws refers to the person [of the Israelite] who is acquired with money by a heathen and we infer a fortiori: If the person [of an Israelite] is acquired with money — for Scripture writes: “If many years remain he shall pay back for his redemption in proportion to his purchase price מכסף מקנתו” (Leviiticus 25:51), — how much more so is [the Israelite's] property [acquired by means of money by a gentile]? This can be refuted by the case of a transaction between Israelites, for his person is acquired with money and yet his property is acquired by meshikah! Rather, said Abaye: According to their laws means those which the Torah laid down for them. [Scripture says]: “When you sell property to your neighbor [i.e., fellow Israelite], or buy any from your neighbor, you shall not wrong one another” (Leviticus 25:14). [We infer from this] that to thy neighbor the way of acquiring possession is by meshikah, but in the case of a gentile, possession is acquired with money.”
    Interesting about money. The Democrats paid money for the dossier with ridiculous/scandalous/fake claims against Trump. This is like paying a witness to testify falsely. Horrible. Mendel Epstein accepted some $100,000 from the FBI sting operatives. Judge Freida gives heavy weight to the FBI sting operatives testimony against Mendel Epsetin et al. Matters become serious with the exchange of money. This is my interpretation of the daf hayomi. Susan accepted from Judge Rigler $10,000. How? Susan showed Judge Rigler a $10,000 check payable to Gerald Aranoff (will money from Bill Richardson). Judge Rigler gave that money to Susan. This was during the period 1994-1997 Judge Rigler froze my TIAA pension 100%. Judge Rigler felt that Susan should have some money, mother of 6 wealthy children not yet married etc.
    Big mistake for Mendel Epstein et al, Steele and Susan to accept money. See, without proof of accepting money, they could laugh off all accusations and say they were joking.

  5. why ignore the main topic to go off on irrevelevant tangents?

  6. Thanks for the uptick Victorio Mattioli
    Chodesh Tov, הי"ד Moshe Agadi Hamas terror rockets killed him yesterday.
    Allow me my letter today to various parties:
    1.I request permission to submit these papers concerning my motion 266 3/25/2019.
    I'm attaching an affidavit of service proving I mailed by UPS a true copy to Susan.
    Allow me to list the illegal cash Susan accepts due to questionable actions of NYS judges.

    2.$23,037.36 in January 1998. This was due to the 1997 QDRO. That QDRO P 1 states: “The parties hereto seek this Order in conjunction with this Court's child support orders of July 22, 1994 and January 6, 1997 in that action pending in this Court at the above number.” In truth this Court's child support orders of July 22, 1994 were grossly negligent due to making retroactive to when I was still in NY, and due to jacking up of certain amounts. Note that the QDRO fails to state that I divorced Susan February 17, 1993. This is the root of my complaints today to the NYS Court of Appeals.

    3.Susan accepted from Judge Rigler's $10,000. Susan showed Judge Rigler a $10,000 check payable to Gerald Aranoff (will money from Bill Richardson). Judge Rigler gave that money to Susan. This was during the period 1994-1997. Judge Rigler supposedly signed a 1995 Order of Separation.

    4.Susan accepts today 55% of my TIAA pension. Leviticus 19:15 states “You shall not render an unfair decision: do not favor the poor or show deference to the rich; judge your kinsman fairly.”

  7. Daas Torah Mod says ”why ignore the main topic to go off on irrelevant tangents?”
    תלמוד בבלי מסכת קידושין דף ב עמוד א
    האשה נקנית. מאי שנא הכא דתני האשה נקנית, ומ"ש התם דתני האיש מקדש? משום דקא בעי למיתני כסף, וכסף מנ"ל? גמר קיחה קיחה משדה עפרון, כתיב הכא: כי יקח איש אשה, וכתיב התם: נתתי כסף השדה קח ממני, וקיחה איקרי קנין, דכתיב: השדה אשר קנה אברהם
    Kiddushin 2a:
    GEMARA. A WOMAN IS ACQUIRED האשה נקנית. Why does he [the Tanna] state here, A WOMAN IS ACQUIRED Whilst elsewhere [at the beginning of Chapter II, infra 41a] he teaches A man may betroth [etc.] [Thus here too he should have stated: A woman is betrothed. Betroth in this sense, and as it is generally used in the Talmud, is the first stage of marriage. A betrothed woman could not be freed without a divorce, though cohabitation was still forbidden. V. Glos. s.v. erusin. As far as practicable in this translation, betrothed is employed to denote this first stage, and marriage to denote the second (nissu'in), after which the couple may live together.]? Because he wishes to state MONEY; and how do we know that money effects betrothal? By deriving the meaning of taking from the field of Ephron [lit., taking, taking is deduced from the field of Ephron. This method of exegesis is designated gezerah shawah, whereby the use of the same word in two passages indicates that their laws or connotations are similar.]: Here it is written: “A man marries a woman כי יקח איש אשה and cohabits with her. Then he takes an aversion to her” (Deuteronomy 22:13) whilst there it is written: “and spoke to Ephron in the hearing of the people of the land, saying, If only you would hear me out! Let me pay the price of the land; accept it from me קח ממני, that I may bury my dead there.” (Genesis 23:13) [Just as ‘take’ in the latter verse refers to money, so in the former too: the wife is ‘taken,’ i.e., betrothed by money] Moreover, taking is designated acquisition, for it is written “the cave which is in the field of Machpelah, facing Mamre, in the land of Canaan, the field that Abraham bought קנה from Ephron the Hittite for a burial site—”(Genesis 49:30)”
    Mendel Epstein accepting money from the FBI sting folks makes Mendel Epstein a partner, proving collusion (conspiracy). Steele accepting money from the Hillary Clinton folks makes Steele a partner, proving that the dossier is politics and not facts. Susan accepting money from TIAA and from Judge Rigler makes her a partner. Mendel Epstein, Steele, and Susan can no longer say just joking. Daas Torah Mod, Sir, what started all this was that Hillary lost to Trump 2016...


  9. Daas Torah Mod says “Repeating Trump’s lies doesn’t make them true!”
    Daf hayomi
    Bechoroth 21b
    “And we have a Baraitha [confirming this]. R. Simeon the son of Judah reported in the name of R. Simeon: An animal, though immature [i.e., too early for sacrifice, before the expiration of the seven days after birth], can enter the shed to be tithed, for it is like the case of a firstling: Just as a firstling is sanctified before its due time [From the time it leaves the womb] and is sacrificed when its time becomes due, so a tithing animal can be sanctified before its due time and offered up after its time becomes due. But why deduce [the case of a tithing animal] from the case of a firstling? Why not deduce it from the case of dedicated animals [where not only is the animal disqualified for sacrifice before its due time but it is even not invested with any sanctity if consecrated before the expiration of the seven days after birth]? It is reasonable to infer [the case of a tithing animal] from the case of a firstling, because to both apply the rules regarding redemption [A firstling and a tithing animal cannot be redeemed from their sanctity. whereas blemished dedicated animals are capable of redemption], a blemish [A firstling, even born blemished, is sacred. A tithing animal is also sacred, even in a blemished state], exchange [The animal for which a firstling or a tithed animal is exchanged is not holy, whereas with reference to dedicated animals, they and their exchanges are sacred], and eating [Tosaf. explains that all consecrated animals which have been disqualified from the altar may be bought in a shop and sold by the pound weight, which is forbidden in the case of a firstling and tithing animal]. On the contrary, according to this, [the Baraitha] ought to infer [the case of a tithing animal] from the case of dedicated animals, because to both apply the rules regarding a plain animal [The rules of tithing and consecration apply to plain animals, i.e., not first-born.], a male [Consecration and tithing apply to both males and females, whereas the law of the firstling applies only to males.], sanctification [An act of consecration is required in the case of tithing animals and dedicated objects. whereas a firstling is sacred from birth.], and the priest's dues [A tithing animal or a consecrated animal is not the priests’ due, whereas a firstling is the due of the priests.]? The fact is that R. Simeon learns from [the analogy between] passing העברת [ “All tithes of the herd or flock—of all that passes under יעבר the shepherd’s staff, every tenth one—shall be holy to the Lord” (Leviticus 27:32)] and passing העברת [ “you shall set apart והעברת for the Lord every first issue of the womb: every male firstling that your cattle drop shall be the Lord’s. (Exodus 13:12)].”
    Beautiful. Leviticus 27:32 is clear, passing an animal under the staff. The Torah is teaching that the laws of the firstling animal apply only where absolutely clear that indeed the animal is a firstling. Throughout Bechoroth Rabbi Simeon and Rabbi Yishmael are lenient regarding doubts if a true firstling animal. I love this explanation. I love the leniencies for the firstling such as if a non-Jew is a partner having paid or received money... Doubts surely arise if a true firstling completely owned by a Jew...
    “Repeating Trump’s lies doesn’t make them true!” No. Trump’s enemies have to prove Trump lies. I learn from Bechoroth that proofs have to be clear like the counting under the staff in Leviticus 27:32. Unclear so-called proofs of Trump lies are worthless much like unclear if an animal is indeed a firstling, then the animal is not the least holy...


  11. Kalonymus AnonymusMay 6, 2019 at 6:28 PM

    I know of no other president that has supported Israel to the degree that Trump has. Sure, Reagan was good, but VP Bush was not. They used to criticize 50% of whatever Israel did. So Trump said that Hussein Obama unfroze the money frozen by Reagan, and gave it to Iran. It's not a lie.

  12. you are saying trump has the highest credibility because he seems to be pro Israel?

  13. Kalonymus AnonymusMay 6, 2019 at 8:05 PM

    From my point of view, yes.

  14. Kalonymus AnonymusMay 6, 2019 at 8:35 PM

    The reverse is also true. Obama was a rasha because he made things difficult for Israel.


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