Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Hasidic Jews In Staten Island Remove Eruv After Anti-Semitic Backlash

An eruv, or symbolic boundary for Sabbath-observant Jews, was removed from a neighborhood on Staten Island.
The eruv had been put up on utility poles around the neighborhood by a group of Hasidic Orthodox Jewish residents. They removed it after other residents put up lawn signs expressing opposition to an influx or religious Jews in their neighborhood. The residents had not yet secured the necessary permission from Con Ed, Verizon, or the Transportation Department, Spectrum News reported.
The lawn signs, created by the Westerleigh Improvement Society, read: “Westerleigh Strong. We’re Not Selling.” They reportedly referred to 

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  1. Sorry. That was not an anti-Semitic backlash.

    That was a backlash.

    Had some local people put up illegal lines to hang laundry in public, say in s park, there would have been a backlash.

    We wouldn't call it an anti-washerwomen attack.


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