Sunday, May 15, 2011

Reb Amos Bunim Zatzal - A Tribute

5tjt by Rabbi Yair Hoffmann

Unfortunately, this past Shabbos, Reb Amos Bunim a”h passed away in Mount Sinai hospital.

There is a TaZ in Hilchos Aveilus that states that one can lie a little bit when one is eulogizing a deceased individual.  The TaZ explains that it is permitted to do so, because it could be true.  There is no need to do so here.  If anything, we are dealing with a man – who not enough could be said about.

To say that Rabbi Amos Bunim zt”l was an Askan for Klal Yisroel would be an understatement.  He lived and breathed doing for Klal Yisroel.  His exuberance and energy infused and enlivened each and every project that he touched. The world would have been a different place without him.  And the world will now be a vastly different place without him.

Reb Amos had a remarkable sense of right and wrong, combined with a Temimus – a gentleness combined with compassion and concern.  He possessed a moral clarity - rare among people. Yidden loved him.  Goyim loved him.  Politicians and businessmen knew that here was a man who was sincere and passionate in his beliefs.  A man whose unimpeachable honesty was genuine and indisputably authentic.  Reb Amos’ moral convictions and determination to face and confront evil and apathy was legendary.

It was also inspiring.

Which is probably how he got others to do things with him.  Somehow, one never felt alone when Reb Amos was standing with you on a project.  He also made everyone else feel good about what they did. [...]

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