Friday, May 6, 2011

New mechanism for converts to marry


After over a year of an impassioned court debate, the state and ITIM – The Jewish Life Information Center have agreed on a mechanism set to ensure converts are registered for marriage by city rabbis in a way that is nearly identical to the procedure other Israeli Jews go through.

Last September, the state suggested that four regional rabbis would bear the the capacity to function as marriage registrars for converts from anywhere in the country.

The solution came in the wake of the phenomenon of some city rabbis refusing to register state-approved converts for marriage. This situation was what had prompted Alina Sardiyokov, a convert to Judaism, and her husband, Maxim, ITIM and three other public petitioners last March to file a High Court of Justice petition against the rabbinate and four city rabbis. [...]

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  1. Rav Farber is truly a modern day Tzadik, like years age rav Arye Levin ZT'L was rge rav of the prisoners, rav Farber is the rav of the converts. The fact that menuval Tropper hate him with a vengeance is another maala!

    In the Orthodox community there are two groups who are being abused and taken advantage off. children and converts/ Good to see that there are rabbis who tale care of the modern day 'yatom vealmana'


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