Wednesday, May 18, 2011

'Defiant' Wendi Runge receives 10 years for fraud


Wendy Weiner Runge tried to appear contrite Tuesday as she faced sentencing for fraud, telling a judge she was truly sorry for deceiving the state while trying to make movies in Iowa.

But outside the Polk County courtroom, the Minnesota filmmaker has been defiant about her culpability in Iowa's long-running film tax-incentive debacle - a move that got the 46-year-old mother of four a 10-year sentence in the Mitchellville women's prison.

Judge Douglas Staskal criticized Runge, the head of Polynation Pictures, for attacking prosecutors and judges in public statements she has made and blaming her plight on anti-Semitism and "some sort of political conspiracy."

Staskal said sentencing Runge to 10 years was a difficult decision because she had no prior criminal history, but he could not ignore the "complete arrogant and defiant" way in which she had denied responsibility for her crime. [...]

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  1. Dina Wein another Haredi BT, also pleaded guilty but she laid low, expressed remorse and agreed to pay restitution. The maximum she is going to get will be 31 months.

    It is the Chabbad mentality of in-your-face arrogance and defiance that get her and Rubashkin those long sentences.


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