Friday, May 20, 2011

NY socialite pleads guilty to fraud charges

Wall Street Journal

A New York socialite pleaded guilty Thursday to a federal charge that she duped corporations out of millions of dollars.

Dina Wein Reis, 47, softly answered, "Guilty," when U.S. District Judge Jane Magnus-Stinson asked her how she pleaded to a charge of conspiracy to commit wire fraud.

Reis could have faced up to five years in prison, but an agreement with prosecutors would cap her possible sentence at no more than 31 months if the judge accepts the deal, which she is not obligated to do. The plea agreement also limits the financial penalties Reis might have to pay to $7 million.[...]


  1. R. Eidensohn:

    How does your reprinting this story further good in the world?

  2. Devarim 13 12

    all Israel shall hear and fear and not do such wickedness any more

  3. So any loshon hora (which by definition means it is true) is permitted based on that pasuk?

    If not, why here yes?

  4. If you can't do the time, don't do the crime.

  5. This is to show the difference between yeshivish crook and hassidic (chabad) crook. Yesivish crooks lay low, say 'I am sorry' and offer to pay back some money. Hassidic crook just defy the judge, the persecutors, show arrogance, blame antisemetism and then wonder why they get long terms.

  6. Unless she was convicted in Beis Din, you are obligated to continue believing in her absolute innocence.

  7. Ben Torah: Don't forget the 5th siman of Shulchan Aruch.

  8. The "5th siman" never overrides the actual 4.

  9. Sheesh! It's 5th Chelek not 5th Siman! Withoutout weighing in on the Dovi vs. Ben Torah (so much for your screen name :-) discussion and by way of clarification, the Shulchan Aruch has 4 actual Chalakim (plural for Chelek) and a reference to a 5th fictional Chelek is a reference to all those things should be covered by common sense and decency. Things that are not specifically discussed or stated in the actual 4 Chalakim due to their obvious nature. In any case, the 5th "Siman" of each one of the 4 Chalakim of the Shulchan Aruch is very real and by no means extra :-)


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