Monday, May 23, 2011

,The Anisakis Worm Rears its Ugly Head Once More


Like the Anisakis worm in fresh salmon, it is the kashrus issue that never died.  Eighteen months ago, the debate raged in the Jewish community – may one consume fish that are infested with the Anisakis worm or must one  first removing them from the flesh of the fish?
The Brooklyn Vaad HaRabbonim, the Baltimore Kashrus agency, and a handful of other Kashrus agencies were stringent.  The Orthodox Union, in agreement with Rabbi Vay from Jerusalem, however, ruled that these worms while still in the flesh of the fish are kosher.  [The interview of Rabbi Vay may be seen at this link].  Even the lenient position is of the opinion that once the worm has left the fish it is no longer kosher.


  1. Good idea not to eat anisakis in fish. It is not necessary. The worm only infests the fish if it is left without gutting for too long or was not deep-frozen for several days immediately after catching.

    So they could really make a kosher lox and herring production where they guarantee that these basic hygiene conditions were met...

  2. Actually p2, if it's permitted, it's a good idea to keep eating fish.


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