Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fairfax teacher still suffering from false molestation allegations

Washington Post

Sean Lanigan’s nightmare began in January 2010, when the principal at Centre Ridge Elementary School pulled him out of the physical education class he was teaching and quietly walked him into an interrogation with two Fairfax County police detectives.

He had no warning that a 12-year-old girl at the Centreville school had accused him of groping and molesting her in the gym.

The girl, angry at Lanigan about something else entirely, had made the whole thing up. But her accusations launched a soul-sapping rollercoaster ride that still hasn’t ended.

“Emotionally, a part of me has died inside,” Lanigan said in a recent interview. “I’m physically and mentally exhausted all the time, how the whole process has been dragged out to this date. It certainly has affected the quality of life for me and my family at home.”

Lanigan remains in limbo, nearly a year after a jury’s acquittal. The Fairfax School District transferred him from Centre Ridge in a move that ultimately forced his wife to quit her job. School officials are now transferring him again. And the district has refused to pay his $125,000 in legal fees, even though Virginia law allows reimbursement for employees who are cleared of wrongdoing on the job. [...]


  1. Another example of false accusations launched by a child.

  2. We just had a case in the Orthodox community in Brooklyn, where a child "advocate" bribed a family to have their child falsely testify against someone that he sexually abused him.

    Unfortunately the bribery was only discovered after the person was convicted. He has now appealed and the judge actually freed him pending appeal because of this atrocious incident.

    It is far far from being uncommon.

  3. the professionals always say that the percentage of false claims is very small. That may well be historically true. However, I am wondering if the overexposure caused by the internet might be changing that.

  4. Frank your facts are wrong the one who testified was not bribed and that is why DA didnt want him released to house arrest

  5. Yet the Judge released him.

    Before the false testimony he was charged with a misdemeanor or comparatively minor charges. It was only with the added case of the false witness that the prosecutor upgraded the charges.


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